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  1. This is my first serious effort at fly tying. Not the best attempt in the world but I guess it would pass as a black buzzer with copper rib.
  2. since my kit arrived a few days ago I decided to get to work....so I went out this morning and bought a few supplies. After a bit of practice whip finishing etc I got tying. nothing serious but came up with this. First fly
  3. Dave cammis is my favorite to watch on YouTube, always very relaxing and easy to understand.
  4. I am a beginner also to fly tying, I bought a beginners kit for about $50 including postage (i'm not in the states) off ebay. It looks pretty good for a beginner, with all of the appropriate tools as well as a nice little vise. I haven't got the materials yet but they should add a bit more to the cost. As for getting started, check out my thread 'first fly recommendations' it has plenty of good info in it. Hope this helps 23Trout
  5. When I was little I tied a black feather to a hook with some green sewing thread....I still have it but it has never been used.
  6. Great wasp! I would pick it up, but does it sting?
  7. This is an amazing imitation of a dragonfly, I hope it catches you bucketloads of fish.
  8. They look the goods, I can see fish munching on them
  9. Looks great, I would love to see instructions so I could give it a go.
  10. I've got heaps more if anyone's interested including beetles, ants, spiders and frogs.
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