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  1. Wow a lot of these stoneflies look like you just put a real stonefly on a hook!
  2. Cool, show me a pic of it when it is finished!
  3. I got the lamp from Cabela's for $30 but it is on sale right now for $19.99. They call it Cabela's Clamp-on Magnifier Lamp.
  4. This is a fly that Mike "Moof" Mufich showed me. Body: 2 optional colored barred rabbit magnum strips Marabou: optional color Head: montana bullet heads Hook: streamer size 6-10 Target species: Trout Fly type: Streamer
  5. This was originally a computer desk that came with my bedroom set, but I needed a fly tying bench so I filled it up with materials and got it all organized.
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