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  1. Davie mcphail is second to none when it comes to tying,he is from the same town as me in scotland and actually grew up in the same village as i.i have learned an awful lot from his tying videos on youtube and the way he talks through every step of the fly he is tying,gret tips,great progress in your tying from davie,he even tells you where to source the materials,anything you want to ask him he will respond through youtube and answer your query,i once asked him about an irish wet fly called the mulranney pig which catches lots of wild browns on the west of scotland hill lochs and he gave me the pattern and wished me well,allthe best my friend,john.
  2. Having just started tying a couple of years ago i would now describe myself as an average tier of flies,i can tie classic salmon,wet,dry,tubes,coneheads,have tried mostly everything,some with not a great deal of success,but on the whole pretty good.what i would like to know is some tips in tying in the hackle and the best technique in positioning the hackle to tie in.i do it a variation of different ways,not as the manual tells you,i,m also keen to know how to choose the correct piece of wing and how to position and tie- in.everything else i,m pretty clued up on,all suggestions and tips welcome.
  3. Some very interesting replys to my post,i agree that we do tie flies for ourselves but it is satisfying to open your fly box knowing that you have put work,thought,and time into each piece you present in front of the fish,i also agree with the theory of putting faith into a particular pattern for a particular river.i know a friend of mine only fishes with one particular pattern and sticks to it with devestating results over a season,'the posh tosh' ,even outfishng some guys on the spinner.this pattern has even took fish for this guy on the gaula in norway,also the dee in scotland and the mighty spey.i have some very good patterns tied on size 7 single salar hooks which i wish to add to my profile,cheers for the replys guys.always learning.
  4. I,ve been tying salmon flies for a couple of seasons now and have since relocated to the banks of the tyne from thebanks of the river doon( west of scotland).i know that you must learn to know your river first before you can begin to properly fish the run,s and lyes and where to position yourself to cast across the river. as i look forward to a new season on the river south tyne.i,ve watched experienced salmon fisherman catch good fish with silver tubes sparsely dressed.since i,ve started tying i,ve put a lot into the tying and the look of my flies and tubes,i look in myboxes and feel confident in my tying and my ability to catch.my casting ability is not long distance wise,i get my fly to work and produce the goods,but,i watch guys try to reach the other side of the river casting and casting and casting with more often than not nothing to show for there days work,my question is.is it better to know the resting place of fish,know your river,or is it more productive to cover as much water as possible.i was brought upfishing the hill lochs of western scotland and only ever fished with spinner,worm or bubble and flie.all methods very productive,i never bothered much with flyfishing till about 4 years ago and now i wouldnt go back to the spinning rod,i remember an old fella on the spey telling me one on the fly is worth ten on the spinner.
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