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  1. Nice....I think those midnight feeding Browns in my neck of the woods will like these.
  2. Bluegill all the way. Plentiful, easy inexpensive flies and they taste oh so good.
  3. I'll actually be helping the Huron River Watershed Council collect bug samples on opening day. The next day I will be on a plane heading south to San Antonio. Some time in May I'll be on the South Branch of the AuSable testing all the flies I tied this winter.
  4. Thanks for posting, I'll have to watch the video when I get home. You Tube is blocked by the IS Nazi's here at work.
  5. Nice idea, gonna have to keep my eye out for some .45 colt brass next time at the range or maybe some .50 S&W for a sligthly larger body.
  6. Try setting up at shows. I was helping out a friend of mine at a gun show and I set up the vise to attract attention to his table and help pass the time. Used to do the same thing for my dad as a kid when he would set up at HAM radio swap meets.
  7. Earlier in this thread it was mentioned that there might be enough people to plan a get together. Is anyone still interested in this?
  8. I would have liked to have had that rod during my brook trout days up in the Keweenaw Peninsula.
  9. What are these lanyards of which you speak?
  10. Nice!! Looking forward to seeing your fly rods and everything else at the show this year.
  11. Been at it for a few years, kids really like it. It did help me find a few new places to hunt and fish. People would post on their comments of things they saw and of course I just had to go check them out. I use a Garmin 12, still going strong after all these years.
  12. Hello back from a not so snowy SE Michigan. You'll have to keep us in the loop when the Steelies are running good out your way.
  13. Holy Crap, my allergies went off just looking at them...
  14. I checked and no marks or writing. The only markings are on the reel seat. Unfortunately the label on the carrying case has worn off and I can't make anything out.
  15. Thanks....I'm going to dig out one of my old Shakespeare reels and take it out for one trip. Any idea what weight line I would use?
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