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  1. I really would like to unsubscribe to FTF mostly to discontinue the never ending stream of emails, but I have not discovered any place to do this in this extremely sophisticated and complicated website. Thanks, Luchs
  2. Kind of a homey, comfy looking set-up. It looks like you are not using much thread and it also not arranged very conveniently as opposed to the extremely handy looking flash rack.
  3. Talk about well organized, as well as tastefully picturesque.
  4. Well, this looks like a working tying bench,my kind of bench, only mine is not nearly as well stocked.
  5. Looks pretty tidy when everything is put away. Where, however, do you put your legs when you get down to work and want to get close to your vise? Greetings, Luchs.
  6. Hello Harold Ray: Thanks for the polite reply. You are right and I'll try to keep your advice in mind.
  7. I asked for some suggestions for streamers. Well,I always was a little apprehensive about the FTF site and here in the above replies is the justification for my doubts. " Advanced Members"arguing about spelling or CROPPIES vsCRAPPIES. What an assembly of sophisticated fly tyers did I stumble into here? It looks like I better look for people a bit less intellectual and more topic oriented. You people perhaps mean well, but as Agatha Christie supposedly said: "Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it." Thanks but no thanks, Luchs (greenhorn member)
  8. Hello deeky: Other than Whitefish and perhaps Yellow Perch we don't really have any 'panfish' here in the Canadian hinterland, however, for several years I have been trying to use traditional baitfish (Thundercreek Minnow,Muddler Minnow etc.) imitations to catch rainbows and browns.My success has been minimal using these types. Surprisingly walleyes have at times been keen to take these flies when fished close to bottom. In any case I'll tie up a few of the Krystal Minnows for the time when the water gets soft again and put them to the test. I like flies that are uncomplicated and simple to look at and to tie and your minnow pattern does fall into that category. I can see already that I have to change some of the ingredients going into these flies because as is usual with the FLY TYING FORUM patterns, I don't have all or any of the materials required for the job. Thanks, Luchs.
  9. Hello Jay! Not a particularly tidy set-up, my kind of bench, a working set-up one could say.
  10. There I am looking for corixae patterns, waterboatman, backswimmer what have you, however, not much is forthcoming for patterns. No doubt in the FTF fly pattern data base a good number of samples are stored but other than travelling from page to page (it looks like there are many of them) I havn't seen any way to find what worthwhile creations are hidden there. Any suggestions? Thanks, Luchs.
  11. Hello Lotech Joe! Tying flies for fun should be lo-tech and your bench does look lo-tech. It also looks very tidy, and with this bench looking tidy appears easy because it also appears to be "lo-storage" for the multitude of tying materials one tends to accumulate over time. For me one of the main beefs with FTF is the forever newly popping up types of materials one should have in order to keep up with the times (or Joneses?).So, where do you keep all that stuff? Greetings, Luchs.
  12. Hello Swing Wet! A very tidy set up alright and well organized also it seems. What I find very interesting are what appear to be 2 mounting or display boards for presumably finished flies. I have not seen them elsewhere and feel that I should have something like that on my bench.I am interested to know how they are put together or built. Any hints? Thanks for sharing, Luchs.
  13. Hello iso18: The other day while tying nymphs for a fly swap I ran out of no-lead wire, you know that expensive stuff, so I did a little experiment. I dug out the powder scale I use for reloading ammo and weighed 10cm each of .o25 lead substitute (.64mm) and .025 copper wire (.64mm). The result of that comparison in my opinion turned out to be more than interesting: The 10cm of lead substitute weighed 3.7grains and the 10cm of same diameter copper weighed 4.7 grains. Admittedly the copper is a little harder to wrap around a hook than lead, however, since no-lead of that size costs me about $6.00 plus freight and a comparable length of .025 copper at the local automotive supply costs about $0.60 guess what I am going to use to weight my nymphs in the future. Greetings, Luchs. PS It sure looks neat when Davie Mcphail wraps sticky lead foil around his demo hooks, but I think I'll now STICK with copper wire.
  14. A very picturesque, neat tying setup with what looks like a place for everything, except the actual working space looks a little small. Greetings, Luchs.
  15. Hey, this setup looks about as tidy as it should, at least until you actually get down to tying. I probably have as many spools of thread lined up ready for work, perhaps even more and over time I have acquired a bobbin of one kind or another for each spool and that is extremely handy. In my opinion yours is a very nice but not pompous tying bench. Greetings, Luchs.
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