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  1. eplea


    Thanks for taking the time to look and to offer advice Kirk. Is the thread wraps something that should naturally fix itself as I gain experience? I use two 3 turn whip finishes as well. Just made my seventh attempt. Made a more conscious effort to maintain proportions but I think I may need to invest a bit more time to practice and perhaps a little to better quality materials. I'm finding the taper on the relatively short hackles I'm trying to use making it difficult to get 2 wraps in front and behind the wing. They may not win any Best of Show awards, but with a few well placed casts they should catch a fish or two.
  2. eplea


    Thanks Fred. I used beaver for the body. It's the only dubbing I have in a suitable colour. I try to use small dubbing noodles and just build them up. Might take a little longer but flies are for me and maybe friends, so speed/efficiency is none too important at the moment.
  3. eplea


    Excuse the photo. I'm at work (don't ask why I have flies at work, we all have addictions..mine isn't work..lol). This was the second attempt. I couldn't find grizzly tips I liked so used some off an Indian cree cape I have. Proportions proportions proportions. Need to work on my proportions. This is on a size 14.
  4. eplea


    Flytier, thanks. I have a collection of those proportion images. Studied it and referenced it before attempting 'my' Adams. Bellevue, yes. This is the first 'Adams' to leave my vice. Not surprisingly, to me, it's the best of 1/2 dozen tied. Not surprising as it was tied immediately after work in natural light. Dinner, shower, etc meant the remaining 5 were tied under not so great artificial light. This one is on a Size 10, the remaining were tied on 14's. I'll have another crack on a size 10 after work. The aformentioned lack of materials made tying the 14's a nightmare (I'm using old indian capes and a very picked over Metz grizzly cape for feathers). Chuck, thanks. Pretty happy with it. Need to work on proportions though. Colour doesn't bother me at all. As a keen ultralight soft plastic fisherman I've seen MANY colours catch fish and am a firm believer that general appearance and presentation are more important.
  5. eplea


    New to tying, bit of a dilemma. Not keen to spend heaps only to find out I'm not interested so am having a bit of a play with materials I have on hand. Wanted to try an Adams, but with limited choice, it's more a variation on a theme. Materials aside, how's it look?
  6. eplea


    Great fly! I'm with Chaznsc though! It's gotta be a giant penny!
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