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  1. I have, its not that bad but it is time consuming. Hilt molds use to make popper molds but no more. I wish i could find anyone looking to sell one. But you can make a mold with plaster using a popper you like then release the mold and go from there. www.makealure.com is a compound that allows you to make molds and lures as well. Good look with it and let us know how it goes.
  2. Craig, you can get this foam in fly shops or for larger amounts check out Michaels or Joann Fabrics. The standard stock is 2mm but 6mm has been showing up lately.
  3. Take a 1/2 inch wide piece of 2mm foam and cut it so the total length is 1.5 inches. Your choice on colour by the way.. Ok now apply contact cement on the side that is not on the table coat the whole front side. Once it becomes tacky start rolling it the long way until the whole piece is a round cylinder. Cut the bottom of the cylinder the length of it so it fits on the hook. Add a base of thread and some maribou leaving room for the cylinder add a line of CA glue and attach the cylinder. You may have to add some glue on the bottom side to finish it off. Add some eyes and go fish. If you want to be crafty take a small ball sanding dremel tool and sand out a cupped face to it. This is as basic as it gets my friend. Post some pix and have fun. This is where it all starts basic foam tying. Best Foamation.
  4. After spending the last 15 years shaping foam only as my main style of tying. I have learned a lot. Trial by error has been my teacher and since I my classes are filling up each year all I can only say get a dremel style tool and start the process from there. I have a video coming out in June that teaches the basics as well as advance types of poppers and divers all by shaping foam. There is only a few outlets that give you all the options of tooling I am hoping to have my website up in running by then.
  5. I have found that craft foam fits the bill most of the time unless I need sizes larger that 6mm. Once I need larger I end up glueing sheets together with super 77.
  6. I use Gama's spinner bait hooks. The are rock solid and long enough for poppers and streamers a like.
  7. Nice work!! these will turn a few heads
  8. Hey hang, I like in the options here. I have been shaping foam for about 15 years and have tried everything and I mean everything. I have shaped and I have lathed poppers and divers. I think that my success has come from the lathe rather than shaping still. I have been able to shape and sand the finish the product better than anything I have seen on the market. "not bragging but from hours of time on the lathe" The best coating I have come across is from Cascade Crest . I have made my own used others on the market and nothing holds better to heat or cold better than there foam paint and sealant.
  9. Nice work!! Have the right tools and a twisted mind as far as tying goes make shaping foam a blast.
  10. Steve, Thanks for the advise, I will try that today. I shape all my foam by hand and I just want to get a better finish than what I get now. Thanks a ton. Foamer
  11. Steve, very nice work. I have been playing with Copic for a few months now and I do exactly what you do. Combs and mesh. I just can't seem to get the same darkness on the scales as you. Maybe it is the pressure of my compressor. It is good up to 45 psi. I use foam and I pre coat it is Delta Dreamcoat sealant first. It is a great product and is a lot cheaper that loon.I have some photos in the foam postings. I see you must use epoxy to finish the fly and lure off. I am just coating mine with a mixture I came up with due to the fact I want a softer texture and epoxy cracks on foam after a while. What epoxy do you use? Thanks Foamer
  12. Um, how do you go about throwing a 1" diameter hopper on a fly rod . . . ? You move into that water that tastes funny...Saltwater. LOL! and make poppers for about anything that swims....Its a great idea!!! I used to make one out of copper pipe and make popper bodies out of found Lobstah pot buoys....great for feeding the blues and ya save a TON of money! Thanks funny about the 1 inch hopper, What I do is cut different angles for poppers, divers and then wings for hoppers and such. I think I have it all covered with everything from smallies to muskies and saltwater fishing,
  13. No problem here in the north either, I think for the most part the scent goes away after a little while.
  14. Looks like something from Super Fly.. Good Luck
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