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  1. Same here, consider adding some light to the photo? That might help... Nice tie too! You'd be good with a scud pattern
  2. Where did you get those drawers? I've been looking all over!
  3. YESS! I love mine! if you can spare the extra money then snatch one up right away! There customer service is the best, nobody, I say NOBODY can beat it. Being able to talk to Norm right away is amazing, and he is such a nice guy!
  4. Okay I am going to be real with you...I am glad you are starting to tie flies....people are going to applaud and tell you great which is supportive as heck BUT you also need to know how to improve. Get some good books, research some online tying sites and notice how tiers hide thread wraps etc. Find a mentor and have him or her teach you some basic techniques. We have a fly tying club at our middle school and our thirteen and fourteen year old students are making some great strides in tying technique. Keep at it and you WILL improve...seek help and do not let yourself settle on "good enough" or "yeah that will catch fish" even if they are or will.....ALWAYS try to better yourself. Agreed with this! I started tying when I was 13.. now it's a year and I am selling my flies and making a profit! I started taking classes at a local Bass Pro, bought some books, and just practiced. Don't stress yourself when you tie. If you get frustrated, just walk away or take it a step at a time. I hope to see more of your patterns! Nolan
  5. Nice tie! try to keep the tail on the top of the hook when you tie, and your hackle in closer wraps around the stem. Practice makes perfect!
  6. I use the Nor-Vise! best investment ever! whips out flies like no other.
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