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  1. Has anyone seen any comparisons or reviews that are attempting to give the pros and cons of these two manufacturers? I tie on mostly Gamakastu B10S for my streamers, but Partridge is starting to get really popular and makes a wide variety of hooks just like Gama. I've been searching but haven't found anything yet. What do you tie on (for streamers) and why?? Thanks!
  2. The one I am looking at is selling for $80, and was bought two years ago from a distributor in Alaska. Down here in Oklahoma, USA we don't have many people trapping much other than bobcat and beaver, and people making garments is very hard to come by. Any things to look for when purchasing a pelt for fly tying purposes?
  3. Anyone ever purchased or have an arctic fox pelt they use for tying? I have a chance to buy a full pelt from Alaska, but I just wanted to check to see if there was anything I should look for. I've already checked all the regulations and I should be good to go. With as popular as Arctic fox fur is these days, and as expensive as it can be, I was excited at having the chance at a full pelt. Any issues to look for? What should I expect to pay? Anyone tried to dye their own fox before? I'd love some advice!!
  4. I guess I should have clarified a little more. This is my current set up. It works; it's clean, organized, and was sufficient. Due to the tying I am doing now, I need more workspace, ie the desk is too small. So I plan on building a desk, already have the wife's approval, that will be almost the expanse of that wall. I'm going to get rid of that tall tower of drawers and get two more smaller ones. The kind of storage I am looking for is on desk storage that keeps the frequently used items (thread, hooks, beads, flash, etc) handy and close. I know you can buy storage containers that work in that capacity, but I don't buy flies so why would I buy the storage?
  5. Thanks Rolf. I've been there, unfortunately I don't necessarily need to see whole benches. I'm looking specifically for the storage options and asking questions to those that post. Seeing pictures could work, but it takes the dialog out of the process.
  6. Hey guys, planning on building a tying desk, but I'm looking into storage options on the desk. Things like flash storage, tool storage, spool storage, etc. Just curious what some of you are doing/using, picures would be awesome, and also, what have you tried that DIDN'T work. Currently I'm using tote drawer systems, and while it worked for a couple years I'm getting to the point where I need more storage/more organization. Thanks!
  7. Soon I'll be in the market for a new pair of wading boots to go with my stocking foot waders. Just curious as to what everyone uses and how they like what they have, and also to whether or not anyone has/uses a pair with the Boa lacing system and how well it holds up. Seems like a sweet idea, but at the same time seems less fail proof than normal waders. I haven't narrowed it down much yet as I'm just starting to look! For those that are all worried about this already being discussed in detail, point me towards where I can read about it.
  8. Any ever seen these? http://m.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/art/70026822/ Real and soft wool, a whole bunch of it for $30. Anyone ever bought some for fly tying?? And any thoughts on dyeing it? I'm not familiar enough with the properties of dyeing or wool to know anything. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Is he giving you whole skins? Wings? Or just parts?
  10. Curious of those that are duck hunters and tiers, how many of you actually keep and use feathers from the birds you shoot?? And a second question, and I tried to search this but didn't come up with much: Besides Mallard and Wood duck flank and CDC feathers, and maybe some biots off of a goose or two, are any others actually worth keeping? And are CDC feathers from one bird better than another? Haven't kept feathers before this year, just never needed to, but I am wanting to learn! Thanks guys!
  11. Hammer, what camera are you shooting those photos with?? Those are fantastic. And, I love that pattern by the way. I haven't watched the video yet, but are you using epoxy on the back? Or some other liquid?
  12. Dry flies! Probably a combination of lesser hackles, small hooks, and patience, but I never like how they come out.
  13. I haven't ever thought about the keel effect on scuds. I tie all mine with beads, no other weight. But that makes sense, I also like the scud bodies that are pre-shaped weights, but now they don't sound like such a good idea.
  14. Welcome to the forum! I am in Owasso, OK. Not sure how many people on here are actually in OK though. Would be cool to find out though!
  15. Do you have a SBS for making the 3D eyes? That sounds very intriguing, especially with how outrageously priced eyes are.
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