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  1. Hi guys. Just thought I'd give this older thread a bump! A few nice traditional patterns being tied. Really great to see! Due to work commitments (I landed a fantastic job in the Albertan oil sands), my free time has been rather scant these last few months....BUT........As promised, I've attached some photos of my viceless flies. I have fish some them and not others. I've included some streamers, buzzers, a few top water specials (they really beat the bass up this year!!) and my go-to river fly; The MOAL leech. As you can see from the photos the chironomids are fairly small. A UK size 18 which is around a 20 here in Canada. Some of the modified MOAL leach style flies are around the 4" mark, again all tied in my hand without the aid of any holding devise. They aren't all that pretty, but they fool fish. Let me have some of your feedback. P.s. If anyone has any images of Skip Shorbs hand tied 32's I'd love to see them!!! They sound like wonderful creations!!!
  2. Haha! Wow! What a thread this has turned into. I'm still really interested to see others hand tied flies. I'm also one of those 'happily married' percentages. But as I haven't worked for just over a year, say for one small contract I did this April, I do all the housework, laundry and cooking. We just share the bathroom on a bi-weekly rota. So as you may all have guessed, I fish about 6 days a week, or at my leasure. Sundays I keep for my beautiful wife (Unless we're camping, which is what we do all summer) Like I said, I'll get some photos up of my hand ties but it'll have to be after the weekend. Off camping in the Northern Cascades in the next hour or two and I'll be hitting the beautiful Upper Skagit river. I've heard that Ross Lake is up to a normal 1600ish so I'm 'hoping' the river is at a more amicable pace this weekend Best of luck for the weekend people.
  3. Hi guys. Been a member for quite a while but so far I've never posted (which is quite rare for me!) I started tying my flies without a vice and have gotten pretty good at it so I've not bothered to purchase one. I've found a few other guys from around the world who also tie viceless and am wondering if there are any on here?? I know of some who tie traditional Atlantic Salmon flies in hand but I'm wondering if anyone ties more conventional dressing with their fingers. I tie buzzers/ chironomids down to a size 20 and they catch fish. Anyone have any photos they'd like to share?? I'll try and get some of mine up. All the Best, Patrick
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