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  1. VERY nice writing Steve!! With the next 2 weeks off, I may have to head over that way and see it all first hand! It sure sounds like an amazing place even if I dont catch a fish LOL!!
  2. Steve, I will get something in the mail this week. It is the least that I can do. Thanks for heading this up!!
  3. Got mine today!! Thanks everyone!! Silver, if "having any luck fly fishing" was a requirement of a swap or this site, I would not be here!! I have caught 2 fish on my flies and have spent many hours trying!! Went out today for 3 hours and didnt catch a damn thing!! But at least I was out there trying!! Hang in there, your time will come, and hopefully mine will too After looking at the flies that I got, all I could think was, "I thought that this was a BEGINNERS swap!!" Good luck to you all that received one of mine
  4. Keep my extra, just toss themin your fly box. Looking forward to seeing what you did receive!!
  5. I sent them Friday. When I went to the PO, t all they could tell me about return postage is "We have no idea how much it will cost to mail them back. We dont know the Canadian rate info...." SO, if there is additional money needed, just let me know. Sorry if this was a hassle......
  6. FINALLY!! Flies are tied, packaged, and will be sent out tomorrow! Sorry everyone for the delay.......life happens sometimes. Look forward to see how everyone has done! Silver, whose have you gotten so far? Sorry if I am the last one......
  7. Thanks beam..... sorry to see that you had been here too! I know that it will take time, but sometimes its tougher than others. Thanks again!!
  8. Life can be cruel sometimes.... Found out today that Kate had a miscarriage. Dealing with that is my first priority, but I WILL get my flies in the mail in the next couple of days! I made a commitment and I plan to go through with, allbeit a little delayed. I need to get the flies in the mail, it will help me to focus and not go down the dark path of "what could have been.... and why????" I know that everyone involved would say that it is OK not to send them, that I need to take care of us.... But part of taking care of us is me taking care of what I said that I would contribute!! Flies will be in the mail by Thursday! Thanks for understanding the delay...... Kurt
  9. Will get mine in the mail ASAP!! Sorry for the delay, found out the other day that my wife and I are expecting our first on the 20th of Jan!! talk about chaos: school is winding down, we have a new front yard being delivered Thursday, my teaching assignment will change next year, Kate may be in the line of fire due to budget cuts...... So much to do, so little time!! I WILL get the flies sent!!
  10. 4th grade teacher this year, probably 5th grade next year...... Spent some time in special education, TEACHING, too!
  11. Thanks for the reminder beam, I gotta get to work!!
  12. Found the ones that I have....... http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/template...MainCatcat20564
  13. Mickey, its not that it is a noticeable difference or disrespectful behaviors, its just that they seem to see me as "meaning business" moreso when I have a tie on. Some days it doesnt matter, if you know what I mean
  14. Thats who that is, Gena Davis!! Wearing a tie is a good thing for me, studies have shown that it helps teachers keep their students in line! What studies? My own of course You cant imagine the difference between "casual Friday" and the other 4 days that I wear a tie, it is crazy!!
  15. I just got a pair of G3's from Cabelas and love them! I have not had to return them but if I should need to, I am not worried about any hassle. I went to the Cabelas so as to post a link and do not see the ones that I have....????? Will post the item and price when I find it at home...... I think the price was around $110.
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