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  1. I just got home from bass fishing but, I have to admit, I was fishing hardware. At dark, I stopped at a favorite spot and there was a HUGE largemouth milling around feeding in the weeds, but in a leisurely sort of way, with its whole back showing when it came to the top. When I first saw it working so slowly and quietly, I thought it was an otter. It looked like a small whale surfacing. :-) No bowling ball OR toilet flush.... She surfaced like a nuclear submarine and swallowed my Scum Frog then proceeded to wrap me up on a snag despite my best efforts to horse her in with the 20 lb. braid with 15 lb. fluorocarbon leader on my spinning rod. I was heart-broken. I figure it would have been my biggest bass yet. She was a monster. I hope she survives and gives me another shot in the future. (Hopefully on my 8-wt. on a deer hair frog or Dahlberg Diver.) Tight lines, Bob
  2. Do you guys have "toe-biters" in your neck of the woods? The Giant Water Beetles are bigger and fiercer than the local dobsons! They scare the daylights out of me (which is usually an activity reserved for big Wolf Spiders or Fishing Spiders). I have a couple of photos of a big one I caught on a small panfish lure while fishing a pond in the Adirondacks, but I can't locate them. Tight lines, Bob
  3. It's a blast catching fish on the lightest gear possible but on the other hand, a lot of folks would say it's unethical to use gear that's too light and stress the fish to exhaustion during the prolonged fight to get them in... lessens their chance of survival after release. Tight lines, Bob
  4. I hooked a pretty big one fishing a nymph near the end of the Metawee River in Whitehall, NY. I didn't know WHAT I had on for a long time. I was pretty surprised to see it was what the folks around here call a sheephead. I was bass fishing out of my boat in the Poultney River last week and caught one on a spinnerbait! You never know when one of those things is going to show up..... Tight lines, Bob
  5. 25 for me so far..... Fresh water: Rainbow trout Brown trout Brook trout Lake trout Landlocked salmon Smallmouth bass Largemouth bass Rock bass Bluegill Red ear sunfish Pumpkinseed Black crappie Yellow perch White perch Northern pike Chain pickerel Sheephead (freshwater drum) Brown bullhead Golden shiner Chub Salt water: Striped bass Bluefish American shad Scaup Alewife Saltwater non-fish species: Snail Quahog Lady crab Blue crab I think the most memorable was the Brown Bullhead. :-) I had just bought a nice, new Orvis 2-wt. and was out on my buddy's dock on Lake George, NY, showing it to him. I noticed a big (biggest I've seen) bullhead laying on the weedy bottom in about three feet of water -- a strange sight in broad daylight-- so I cast to it. I pulled a bead head Prince right by its nose and it took it. What a way to break in a new Orvis rod! Tight lines, Bob
  6. I just bought one of these (and I mean just... I pick it up Saturday!)... It's basically a jon boat with just a little bit of V to the hull and bow, and fully decked for easy fly casting (the bow and stern pedestal fishing seats are removed in this photo from Tracker Marine). It will get into some pretty skinny water. It is very frustrating to not have a nice, clear area to fly fish from. I think a jon boat with a large deck up front is just the ticket. Tight lines, Bob
  7. If you're not familiar with the term "torso length" and its ramifications on backpack fit, Google the term and word up! A pack that fits you properly is your friend. A pack that doesn't.... Tight lines, Bob
  8. On a recent materials order I wanted to pick up stinger hooks for some small deer hair flies. I ordered size 1 and 4 Mustad C52S BLN, but they didn't have any smaller in that style, so I ordered some Size 10 Umpqua (TMC 8089). The Mustads are labeled "stinger, deer hair" and the Umpquas are labeled "bass bug, straight eye, fine wire, wide gape." The Size 10 Umpqua are larger (longer, plus wider gape) than the Size 4 Mustads. :-( I love the Mustads, but would like to find a similar hook in an honest Size 10 (or even 8). The Mustads only go down to 4. Does such a thing exist? Thanks, Bob
  9. On a recent Dorado trip to Loretto, Mexico, all the guys in my group scored best with Crease Flies by far. I hate the darn things. :-) Tight lines, Bob
  10. Hey... is that a reel seat for the birds to perch on? ;-) Nice work! Tight lines, Bob
  11. Thanks for the info. That's only an hour and a half from me. (And I've never fished an EPA Superfund Site before!) ;-) I'll put it on my list of places to fish, for sure. Thanks again, Bob
  12. I was interested in hearing John Geirach's opinion of it... he tried it for a whole summer to be sure and give it a fair test. Here's the youtube link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=QE5hQg6FYIU Tight lines, Bob
  13. I got back from my annual Cape Cod striper fishing vacation last week and already, I'm yearning to hear my drag and see my backing again. :-) I love float-tubing for the local panfish with my 2wt. but I'd like to feel some big fish on the line again soon. I have some time off at the end of June/beginning of July and would like to try carp fishing. Can anyone recommend a good area to give it a try? I can fish from float tube, canoe, kayak or wade. I'm in upstate NY on the VT border at the southern end of Lake Champlain. I'm willing to drive a half-day or so if there is a campground near the destination (I have good guidebooks to car/tent camping in NY and VT). I'm going to give the Hudson River a try in the Schuylerville area tomorrow, although I have no idea if the carp fishing is good there. I know there are carp in Fish Creek, and it empties into the Hudson at Schuylerville. We've had a few days of rain, so I don't know what the water clarity will be like in that area. The only carp I've ever caught (as a kid, bait fishing) was where a creek empties into the Champlain Barge Canal in my hometown. The water in that area is off-color from the local clay soil, so sight-fishing is out of the question. There are carp in the southern end of L. Champlain but the shallow bays are so heavily choked with weeds, I don't know if it's even worth a try. Any advice from an experienced carp angler would be appreciated! Thanks, Bob
  14. Thanks for the report. I bought the BVK 9' 5wt this spring and am really impressed with it. I'm considering one of the ten-footers for float tube duty. Tight lines, Bob
  15. I spent last week on Cape Cod, fishing for striped bass. This 40+" fish took a #2 chartreuse-over-white Clouser that was dragging across the flat while I was eating a sandwich! The weather was great and the stripers were cooperating. We had a blast. Tight lines, Bob
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