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  1. Mark, glad to here you're ok, was wondering about you the other night while working late. I saw the footage of the Exodus and have other horror stories of people making 24 hour trips that normaly take 3 hrs. This is the first time I've checked in here in a while and glad I did. Jim
  2. Wow!! all in by the deadline, that's awesome Looking forward to seeing them. Jim
  3. DANG! I thought you would've had mine by now, hopefully they get there soon, it's been almost a week. Dang post office Jim
  4. My flies went out on Friday. They've been ready for a couple weeks just sitting in the package and I spaced them Jim
  5. Troutman

    size 20

    That's pretty funny McFly. Only wished I had photo shop so I could get rid of the purple thumb. Here's another pic of it while I was screwing around with the new camera Now if you'd realy like to see one in person just meet me on the river and I'll be happy to show it to you Jim PS anyone know where I can get my hands on a couple 32s?
  6. Nope, didn't hear anything at all. Read one guys tale that he heard it and felt it while fishing in Portland on the Columbia. Stealheader, I'm SW of the Mtn. I'm in the little town (not as little as when I moved here) St. Helens right on the Columbia river on the Or. side. Check out this Pic This one was taken from a high rise in Portland. Jim
  7. It's about 45 miles as the crow flies. Jim
  8. Just thought I'd share a few photos of todays events as seen from the front porch of my parents house. Was just plain luck that I had my digital camera with me. The Mtn. erupted about 5:30 pm today and spewed ash and steam as high as 30,000 ft. Was quite a sight to see. Jim
  9. John, If you're serious about it I'd say look into Old Town Canoes. I've been looking at them for a long time and they have some very nice features. Their web site is very insigtful on choosing a canoe that best fits your needs. Just click on "canoes" at the top of the page. You might spend a little bit more then on something like the Coleman canoes but worth it. One of the features I like is the layer of insulation between the resin. Keep in mind that since you plan on using it alone a lot that you don't want one too big, 16' would be about the biggest you'd want to go (IMO). Anyway hope this helps and check out that web site. Jim
  10. Troutman

    size 20

    It's damn cold Actually still getting use to the new camera and working out some of the bugs on the color for the close up shots. Jim
  11. Troutman

    size 20

    welcome to the tiny fly club. Like lanvaettir said it's a slippery slope and the next thing you know you're trying to tie a size 28 adams and dreaming of getting your hands on some size 32 hooks. Jim
  12. Just to let you know, mine are done and just need to be tagged and packaged. I'll get them in the mail in the next couple of days. Jim oh yeah, I tied a hi-vis parachute adams varient.
  13. Well I got a new Digital camera yesterday (my first) and I've been having lots of fun playing with it. Here's a couple pics 28 adams 18 BWO This thing is too much fun, instant gratification Jim
  14. Man that is just MESSED UP! I hope your dog makes it through. Jim
  15. Here is my .02 cents on wings. First off let me say I tie them on most my patterns that call for them, even on the small ones (we're talking 28s). I feel the most important fact is what hatch will you be fishing. If you think you'll be getting into some sort of mayfly hatch then wings will play a bigger role then if you're going to be getting into caddis. Are you going to be fishing creeks or still water? On still water I think the fish have more time to examine the fly as aposed to creaks where the fish has to make up his mind pretty fast before a meal floats by. One of my biggest producers during a caddis hatch on one of my favorite rivers is a fly tied with a black boddy and brown hackle. On the water the hackle looks like the fluttering wings of a caddis thus no wings needed. Parachutes are a whole different catagory. The post acts as a wing (IMO), I also feel that they pass as emergers a lot of the time. You're also crating a different silhouette then you are with a catskill style fly. Well that's my thoughts and observations. Jim (notclaimingtobeapro)
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