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  1. well the targeted species is cohos and ill be fishing in the puget sound, not in rivers...
  2. Hey all! I'm fishing in puget sound in WA and was wondering what would be some great flies and what colors to use for this. Thanks! Rainbowkiller
  3. Will do. leavin today. Ill post on sunday!
  4. Hey All! I'm going to Sun Lakes state park this weekend with some friends to go fishing. I was wondering if any of you know which lake in the park I should fish and what to use. Thanks! RainbowKiller
  5. Hey all! Has anyone ever caught a golden trout? If so, what did u use? Is it worth the effort? Also, where did u catch it? Thanks! Rainbow Killer
  6. Is it any good? Or should i put it in the trash?
  7. I got really bored last night and attempted to make up a new streamer. (sorry about how bad the pic is)
  8. The only reason they are gone from stores is because women are buying them. When they start slowing down production of the feathers, they should appear in fly stores.
  9. Hey everybody! I'm headed to lake chelan in Washington. I'm going fly fishing but i'm not surer what flies will be effective. It has Kokanee and Bass. Any Ideas?
  10. What are Blue wing olives? May Fly Family, check it out http://www.troutnut.com/common-name/8/Blue-Winged-Olives Thanks
  11. Please post your favorite/most productive trout flies (with instructions) here. It would really help. Thanks!!
  12. Well, i live near Seattle. Also, I will be going fishing for rainbow trout. Does that help? And the nearest Cabelas is a 1.5 hour drive. I already can tie the Elk hair Caddis, Wooly Bugger, Adams parachute, and a few others. Are there anymore really important flies i need to catch rainbows?
  13. Hello Everybody! I'm pretty new with fly fishing and was wondering if you had any great flies for catching trout this season. Thanks!
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