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  1. Sarah, Our thoughts will be with you and your family. Hang in there, be positive. Doug
  2. O.K. For almost everyone here this is an aspect that probably doesn't need clarification. But I seem to be having random difficulties when mounting horns on my flies. 1. position and subsequent angle from the head 2. technique for tying them in to prevent splaying out from the wing, thread wraps (#), and trimming so when head is finished they don't pop out even more 3. Anything else that could be of assistance. I find that sometimes they go on just fine, and upon finishing the head they shift either up and down or pop out as mentioned above. :dunno: :wallbash: :dunno: :wallbash: :dunno: Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Doug
  3. I've see that Life of Birds, Dave mentioned and he's correct, an incredible display from this magnificent bird. We probably don't want to see any human attempt that, could be ugly. That's funny Dave, I was going to say the same think :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: Good luck on this one if y'all chip in. Doug
  4. Thanks for the offer and heads up Charlie. I have a fairly good selection of references of patterns, including Kelson, P-T, Hardy (thanks to Dave C.) etc. What intrigues me is folks like Dave C. and yourselves vast grasp and depth of the history of the patterns. I love it!!! Also I have a limited selection of materials and often have to wing it when it comes to some patterns, which I also like doing. I am not one to be affraid to ask for help and will do so in the future. All the flies I've posted so far have been tied pre-induction to the Forum. With this exposure it's great to have all the help and knowledge. Doug
  5. Damian, It was like Deja-vu. only this time I could see the motion much better. Another great production!!!! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: Hey it looked to me like your under wings were mounted before the Throat hackle. Could that be, and if so why, and how? Also I noticed that after your wing was mounted there was a tad bit of a gap between the hackles and wing wrappings. Is this a standard practice. I was always lead to believe that the wraps and materialsare to be atop as much as possible to avoid exposed thread on the underside. Again, enjoyed immensely!! Thanks, Doug
  6. More great words of wisdom. I know that to aspire to a smaller head is something to strive for. I guess At this point I can possible begin that quest. I get hung up laying down extra thread as the fly nears completion out of fear the materials aren't secure or as I finish the head I get carried away. I am using 8/0 thread, which I think a lot of you guys may use 12/0. That's a scary proposition for me and my callused finger tips. Fear of breakage or fraying such a fragile thread diameter has kept me away from that. I hope I do get there. And thanks to all for the help. THIS SITE ROCKS!!!!! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: Short-barbed and big headed in Alaska!
  7. Great advise Damian. It's funny you mentioned the crests from John, as last week I had just received and now have prepared a nice GP head from John. The other crest i had also came from him but Ihad not prepared them properly and there were kinks in the feathers that made selection very limiting. I think the Sir Richard I posted has one of those new crests on it. I have a very limited budget so I have to be a little more practical and for now work with what I have. As time goes on I'll get some 2/0's and a more expansive collection of feathers. Over the 3 years I've been trying to tie these flies I've built up a more complete and reliable assortment of materials. As you know to well it's a never ending quest. Thanks again, Doug
  8. Wow! :bugeyes: what a unique combination with the shortened hook shank and sky-high wing. The body is incredible, and the wing is beyond compare. I can't fathom how you guys do it?? I struggle on the standard 24 barb wings without varying the color layers. One can only hope that someday it will come. Thanks for the inspiration! Doug
  9. Coming from a novice like myself there's little I could say to impress upon you how incredible this fly is. As you yourself said it's one of your best. You are probably like most of us, your own worst critic. So take that to heart. For now I'll just stick with screwing up the patterns and dressings I already tie before even thinking about a pattern this complex. Kudos, Doug
  10. After last nights excellent virtual demo by Damian where I was enlightned to the fact that I need to get some dyed turkey for wings. For the last 3 years I've been using dyed goose shoulder for all my married wings and have struggled when building a wing for 4/0's. I can't remember if it was Paul or Bud that declared it impossible to cover a 4/0 with goose. Well it's not impossible, just very challenging. When resources permit I will certainly acquire a selection of turkey and soon I will spend less time matching barb length for 4/0's and more time mounting wings hopefully as fast and as efficient as Damian. :headbang: a 4/0 Butcher a 3/0 Butcher Learning every day, Doug
  11. Dave, I like how you described the Kate I tied as a more 20th Century version of the Classic Kate. Looking at some 19th century versions I see where the discrepancy arises. Certainly your knowledge and experience regarding these patterns brings you to the place where recognizing the above mentioned discrepancies may come more intuitively than someone of my experience. Your input is of the highest value, and will be reflected in my next attempt at tying a Classic such as this. Doug
  12. Dave, I forgot about the Hardy. I see in that there's seal, no Chatterer and blue in the wing. Does this volume predate both afore mentioned references? If so than that's the way I'd call it too. Got to tit a true Kate then, Doug
  13. Dave i think you're partially right on this. Looking at both Kelson and P-T. I had flip-floppd the two dressings. P-T's calls for just crimson floss, and JC and Chatterer. And Kelson calls for the floss at the but and the remainder crimson seal, with no Chatterer. I was wrong indeed regarding the roof as they both call for it. And Kelson adds the blue in the wing as well. I sometimes spend more times sleuthing these patterns out with my limited knowledge and resources than I do tying them. But that's half the fun in my eye. As you are a native son of the region, and I am in Alaska I couldn't really back up my info with anymore than what I read from the 2 texts. Good advice on the herl, these came from John. I'll get more someday. Thanks, Doug
  14. Bud, Many thanks! That's quite a compliment. I'm glad Radencich isn't here he'd probably have something to say. Though certainly his book is well used and has influenced us all I believe. Though after seeing Damian in action my technique may be a bit different. The underwing is a single doubled over tippet laid flat on the body. A fishin' fly trick i picked up. It makes for the tippet in strands as the recipe calls. Doug
  15. Bud, No need to explain that, I could tell by the way you banter back and forth. Like I said from what i've seen of his work, and yours and paul's you guys are in a league of your own. On your Trinity fly I wrote "it makes my flies look like worms on a hook", and I mean that. I'm glad to have entered this dark and twisted world when I did. Doug
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