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  1. Regiment of dries with Reelwings Sizes 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10 Hooks FTB103 Thread Nano-silk Tails Micro-fibbets Body Stripped peacock centre-tail Wings Reelwings Thorax 2mm Foam Hackles Grizzle genetic cock Cant wait for springtime! Simon Lidster
  2. Hi Joseph, PM me, I started a fly tying club in Sheffield a few months ago. I'm sure some of the guys would try them and post some pics, I'd be glad to! Simon [email protected]
  3. Tried them already, they tie nicely and look very natural. Haven't cast one yet though! They're on my meaty ephemeroptera on the foam thread (using my other username, Simon Lidster) Tied a few heather flies with the flat wings as well, will post them when i'm back from holiday Simon
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