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  1. I would like to be in if you'll have me. Thanks!
  2. Sorry it's Late! BFR I got your pm. I received a really great set of flys from Riffle. Thank you and I hope everyone had a great holiday!!
  3. I have an 8'6" 4wt. I love it. Great rod for the money.
  4. Everyone, I would like to take a minute to apologize to you all, especially Evan. I disappeared from this swap and am embarrassed that I did. A family member was diagnosed with cancer and my wife and I have been with him for the last month or so of dr appt after dr appt. We now know that everything should be curable with some radiation, but it was hairy. Enough excuses though, I feel bad that I just disappeared. Please accept my apology and I look forward to participating in another swap soon. ---Joe
  5. I would be in. I dont usually tie much this time of year but it will be a good excuse to sit at the bench.
  6. Received my flys! Thanks for a great set everyone, and thanks to Professori for hosting!
  7. Sorry that I am holding everyone up. Hopefully they arrive soon.
  8. Morning Everyone, My flies will be going into the mail today. I hope they are not too late. I am looking forward to seeing everyones flies! ---Joe
  9. Got mine, great flys everyone!! Thanks for hosting Bob.
  10. Got mine today, nice ties everyone! Thanks Polarbear for hosting!
  11. I was like you when I started. I could tie flys that looked good but wasnt catching anything. It wasnt the fly, you need to learn to fish the fly too. My flys look pretty much the same as they did then, now I dont have much problem catching fish. With that said, if we knew what you are tying and what you are fishing for we could help you better.
  12. His profile says he was last active on the site yesterday at 4ish pm. I hope he isnt avoiding you.
  13. Thanks for the advise guys! I live and fish in CT and the Farmington is a rocky bottom. Looks like a pair of Simms (I also have wide feet) will be it with the cleats. ---Joe
  14. Im in with a Parachute Egg Sack Rusty Spinner. Question though, does anyone know how much longer it takes the USPS to get packages to Canada? I have never done this (sent anything to Canada) before and I want to make sure that I am on time. Also is there anything special you have to do with the package or just put the address and proper postage on and send it off? ---Joe
  15. So I have always used felt sole boots, but with all of this talk of Didymo I am going to start using rubber sole boots. (I know that isnt a solution, I will also clean and dry them) My question is, studs or not? Any brand or model you highly recommend? Thanks! ---Joe
  16. I have used nothing but ceramic and had no problems. I've also found you get what you pay for, the really cheap ones are no good
  17. I am going to tie a snowshoe hare emerger in size 14. This pattern works great for me in the spring. I will tie it in Adams gray as to keep it neutral. ---Joe
  18. I would love to join in. Ill decide on a fly and let you know.
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