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  1. Hey there fellow CANUCK!!!!! I'm down in little old Ontario. Not as much bragable fishing 'round here. Mostly BASS! Enjoy the forum.
  2. :whistle: Anyone ever used dryer lint? My fiance and I were just discussing the combinations of stuff in the lint trap. We have brushed our cats (and some friends' cats) and used that. It works quite well. I have heard of people blending up rugs and other fabrics. So, :dunno: Would it be worth while to try dryer lint? Lemme know what ya think . . . . . .
  3. Ummm. . . :eek: It's illegal to off woodpeckers here too. :nono: Baaaadddd Idea.
  4. When I started tying, I bought the inexpensive stuff too. Some of it if great. Some is crap. It is ALL a personal preference. Buy what you can afford. If you find you don't like it, then save $$ and buy the higher priced stuff. For my saddles I spend $3-$8 per neck (a couple hundred flies). For dry I have a preference for Hoffman's. But at $100+ per neck I have a hard time purchasing it. One of my local shops, though, is willing to sell by the feather. It wouldn't hurt to ask at yours. It's a cheap way to try the feathers and not get stuck with a neck or cape you won't use.
  5. Hi there, I have to agree with the others :bugeyes: . Here in Canada (Ontario), it is also illegal to posess any part of most non-game birds. ESPECIALLY raptors. I wouldn't even admit to having them. :dunno: Eagle feathers (for example) you can have :thumbsup: IF they are presented (and only one) by a native. And I think they have to give a certificate as well. So the long and short of it is do NOT put it in a fly.
  6. Hey, I must say that sucks. My sis (age 32) has a disease called Gardner's Syndrome and has the majority of her bowels removed. So I can sort of understand what you are going through. It sounds as though it was cought early enough so we all hope all goes well. We will send a cast to the Fly Gods for you. :innocent:
  7. Hey Chris, I am a newbie too. I can also relate to the time off tying. Not by choice. I bought my first house and have not had time to unpack my tying gear yet. But the folks on here are giving out tons on info for when I do. :thumbup:
  8. Personally, I use grizzley for dries, and olive for buggers. My wets are either black or claret.
  9. Dragon


    :kicking: Thanx Guys.
  10. Dragon


    Hey There. :cheers: Just thought I had better come here and introduce myself. Name is Rob Fletcher. I live in Thedford Ontario (recently moved from London). I install security systems. I love fishing, birding, camping, hiking, and am an amature radio operator. My fishing buddy is my fiance Lou (Louise) and we like taking our kids David, Daniel (both hers) and Kali (mine) but I must admit sometimes you just have to leave the youngens at home. :hyst: I am relatively inexperienced in both the fly fishing and tying, and must say I was happy to see this site. It's nice to see people helping each other without judgement. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  11. For Woolies any old "saddle" hackle will do. Olive and black are the most common colours. Don't worry about the hackle being too cheap. It's rare to find bad saddle. if you can, though, try for longer feathers. I find that they palmer nicer and tend to have nicer fibres. The short saddles tend to have long webby fibres, and those don't work well for palmering.
  12. I would have to agree with the majority of the group. :headbang: The woolly bugger is the way to go. :yahoo: My particular version is the olive conehead. Also deadly on my local bass.
  13. I've posed similar questions to the "experts" in my area and they say just don't use them. I have tied a number of Black Ghosts and not one has jungle cock. They still catch fish though.
  14. I would have to say go with the 9672's. That's what I use for all my streamers, and even some nymphs. I use only one hook with a straight eye. I forget the number, but it is a large gap hook I use for bass bugs. I think that a straight eye hook doesn't drift as naturally. I also think that how well the hook sets is irrelevant. As long as the hook is sharp, the line is tight and you have a big horseshoe up your :bugeyes: then the hook will set.
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