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  1. Awesome Will, can't wait to see what it looks like! Ashby
  2. Boy that looks like some really good fishing water Jay. The photos are pretty awesome. Looks like you and that 40D are getting along pretty well. Ashby
  3. Thanks again Andrew and Jay. It was good, and just tonight my mother was questioning me about what wide angle lens I was looking at for my camera, just keep the fingers crossed on that one lol. I'll keep you posted if anything comes my way from mom! Ashby
  4. I like the new one. The ability to just roll my mouse over a picture and it show me a size that I can see is pretty awesome. Ashby
  5. Holy cow guys. I just got back from a little trip and saw this. Thanks for the birthday wishes. That's pretty awesome. I had a pretty cool birthday. The wife got me a new laptop, new 320g external hard drive for my pictures, and the kids spoiled me rotten with love and more attention than a man could handle. Thanks again guys for the birthday wishes, they mean a lot coming from all of you. Ashby
  6. Those are pretty awesome Andrew. Love the colors in #3. Nive work! Ashby
  7. Thanks guys, tyrite, I'm not sure if it's a Ross or a snow goose. Ross geese have black on their wings as do some snow geese. This one was all white, I only know I got lucky to get a little flirtatious look for a picture. Ashby
  8. Holy smokes Andrew, those shots are awesome. I love the third one, nice work. Ashby
  9. These pictures were taken about 12 miles from my house last weekend. It was nice and cool, well, cooler than it has been so I got out to take some pictures and see what I could find. I got one ground squirrel that wanted to play hide and seek with me in a tree. Another pair of ground squirrels that wanted to play WWF, a couple birds and that is it. The squirrels were the best, I sat there close to an hour watching these guys and they are all a mess. I laughed my butt of at all of them, and they give you a show. It was pretty cool to be around them like this, and watch them interact each other. I even got a picture of one giving mommy squirrel a kiss. But first will be the damselflies, they were amazing. Ashby
  10. Very nice shots, the B&W is pretty awesome. Ashby
  11. Mike, those are some cool pictures. I really like the first one, it says a lot. Thanks for sharing those. Ashby
  12. Those are some awesome shots. It's hard to pick one I like most. Very nice shooting. Ashby
  13. Ashby

    Coyote pup

    Thanks guys! I do love watching these guys. If you ever get to watch the pack on a hunt, boy that is a treat. Now I just need to catch it on the camera. As for the light Andrew, it was perfect yesterday. Not a lot of smoke around as you can see from the photos. All of the Coyotes on base and around the area look pretty scruffy, makes you want to take a brush to all of them. They are really cool animals especially at night when all of them are talking back and forth. We have about 100 or so her on base, just unreal. Ashby
  14. We were driving off base today when we saw this little coyote right on the side of the road. I of course ripped the car to the side and got my camera out. I spent about 15 or so minutes with this guy taking pictures, blocking the road when he decided to cross twice. Mom coyote was over in the trees laying low, but making sure I wasn't hurting her baby. I kept my eye on her, or in her direction the whole time to make sure she didn't charge me. Finally the pup decided it was time to cross the road again, and back to mom. So I stood in the middle of the road again while he made his way across and back to mom. He was just to pretty to pass up. Ashby
  15. Fantastic dragonfly shots. In the first two shots you can see the shadow the wings cast on the barbed wire, that is pretty awesome. Very nice looking shots Jay. Ashby
  16. Ray, those are some pretty sharp shots. The color is also very vivid. Very nice pictures. Ashby
  17. Those are pretty awesome shots. I like the last two, the squirrel looks as though it's galloping up the tree lol. Nice looking photos. Ashby
  18. Ashby


    I would have to agree, your friends are nuts. I'm stationed in CA near Sacramento and I like your view better. Ashby
  19. That is a beautiful picture. Very nice shot. Ashby
  20. Glad you guys like the pics, though not ideal for living in, I'll make the best of it. They are saying that breathing this air right now is worse than smoking over a pack of smokes a day, and it damages immediately. Hey Matt, thanks for bringing that up. I forgot to mention that in the post. I did add some contrast in to make the trees stand out a little. They were pretty smoke filled, so I figured the needed a little help. Thanks again guys. Ashby
  21. Ashby


    Ok, that's it, I'm on my way to Idaho. That is very beautiful. Nice picture! Ashby
  22. WOW! I think you have found God's country. Man that is beautiful. I would love to be there with you on that river. Very nice picture, I like the angle you shot the picture at as well. Ashby
  23. I was in the kitchen tonight with the wife talking about the day and how smoky it has been from the fires. As I glanced passed her I caught a glimps of the sun. I ran and got my camera and took a few pictures. These are all from on base, no color correction, no work on the photo other than converting from raw. The sun was beautiful, but the air was and still is deadly. The Commander even issued a statement to everyone "if you are not doing mission essential work, you need to get in a building now until released. The smoke here is so bad that at times you can not see 100 yards. The closest fire to us is about 40 miles away, and the smoke is still deadly. Anyway, hope you guys like the pictures. Ashby
  24. Very nice looking fly pattern. A very good picture as well. Very cool for the 4th. Ashby
  25. Thanks for the input guys. The picture was taken very low to the ground (about two feet up), I was actually sitting on my butt when I took this. I wish I could say the train was going full speed, but he was sitting still. Thanks again for the posts, glad you all like it. Ashby
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