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  1. I hear ya, man. Lots of times I do the same. Lately I've been running around on the social scene too much and trying to keep up with 3 AP classes at the same time while training for cross-country. I'm pretty beat. Maybe I should spend a couple evenings doing exactly what you are doing... ~Bryce
  2. Can't see your pic trout adventures, but I just checked out your site and I must say, I did not know that the driftless area fished so good. Wow, I think I have just added another place to my list of fishing destinations. ~Bryce
  3. Dr. Slick micro-tip and Dr. Slick all purpose curved. Great tools. ~Bryce
  4. In a 20 or 22 it would make a good baetis emerger. ~Bryce
  5. One of my favorite patterns of all time, the fly that got me into the 20/20 club and has caught more picky trout than any other fly in my box. Well done, Fred! ~Bryce
  6. I'm really digging that fly . Looks like it would kill on picky fish. ~Bryce
  7. Stay safe Ashby and thanks for what you're doing. ~Bryce
  8. Ok, you take the cake. Let me guess, Madison county? ~Bryce
  9. I saw a comment like that coming. Why does it matter as long as he was within the law? Jeez, let's not start yet another Keeping fish vs. C&R agruement. I think you're making an assumption that might not be there. I myself wondered whether the fish was released, but it was simple curiousity. I have no slight for the angler whether he did or not. Maybe the question was asked in the interest of knowing if a mount was being made, if was going to be eaten, or if it was set free to be caught again by the same or another angler. Just because someone asks a question, that doesn't mean there's only one motive for doing so. Don't feed arguements that aren't there. Don't feed arguements that aren't there, Dble? I believe your comments to me were doing just that, eh? I was trying to prevent an arguement. But I digress, let's not jack this topic. Yet again, good bass! ~Bryce
  10. I saw a comment like that coming. Why does it matter as long as he was within the law? Jeez, let's not start yet another Keeping fish vs. C&R agruement. Great fish, man. Always nice to set a new personal record! ~Bryce
  11. Tiemco 200R? Good looking fly. ~Bryce
  12. Believe it or not, I know what you're going through, man. Sorry about your friend. ~Bryce
  13. Nice KC. What's the purpose of the green butt? ~Bryce
  14. Royal Wulff EHC Copper John PTN ~Bryce
  15. Looks sweet. What size? ~Bryce
  16. Pink. Don't question it. Just fish it. ~Bryce
  17. Genuinely amazing. Looks like it would work great on picky fish. ~Bryce
  18. I tied some 26's just last night. I also saw a #26 royal wulff. Wow. ~Bryce
  19. Would you believe I've never caught a fish on a wooly bugger? Maybe I just don't have the confidence to fish them after so many skunkings while using 'em. ~Bryce
  20. I'm not so sure about Michigan waters, but some that I would never go without: Dries EHC #12-20, Olive, yellow, and black Adams #12-24 Hendrickson #14-16 Stimulator #14-10 Royal Wulff #12-16 Foam Ant #16 Hopper #6-12 Sulfur #14-18 Comparadun and traditional Nymphs Copper John #12-18 Red, copper, and brown PT Nymph #12-22 BHPT Nymph #12-22 Hares Ear #12-18 Olive and Natural BH Hares Ear #12-18 Olive and Natural Little Yellow Stonefly #14 Big Black Stonefly #6-10 Zebra Midges #16-28 Scud #14-20 Grey, olive, and orange Egg #10-20 San Juan Worm #12-18 Have fun. ~Bryce
  21. I've gotta ketch some 'o them some day! ~Bryce
  22. Perfect. I fish brassies a lot. Tiemco 200R? ~Bryce
  23. Mr. Madore may have some competition in the leg dept. :hyst: ~Bryce
  24. -14 C? Dang, that's colder than Fairbanks. ~Bryce
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