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  1. Oh, Ok...sorry I'm new to this Step one is to tie in your zonker with about 2 inches dangling to form the mouse tail Step two is to tie in some foam to allow your mouse to float Step three is pinch the foam and push it back at the eye of the hook to create a mouse like, pointed head/nose Step four is wrapping the zonker around the hook and foam to create the furry body Tie it off Although the zonker hair fibers are on the longer side, when wet, the hair falls perfectly creating the ideal mouse. This is deadly for many species of fish. I use it on large/small mouth bass and also for monster trout. -All the best
  2. SBS? I had the zonker strips out today, if you couldn't tell lol
  3. I use these at night for monster trout and all times of the day for bass. When wet they are exactly how a wet mouse looks. The fur along with the foam head allows the angler to strip it in or drift it down any body of water. Monster and I mean MONSTER trout take mice along river edges like no other. When the sun goes down, drift one of these along the river banks and see what happens. DEADMOU6E-LIKE NO OTHER
  4. I was walking down the street and saw two things, well three things. One is the tattoo and two other things.... enjoy!
  5. Here is a great one that I use a lot. Let's see yours lol
  6. Check out this Axis Deer Hair Axis Deer Hair
  7. Thanks a great deal. The Axis deer hair has white spots on it. I have been tying variations of deer hair Caddis with it. You can position the hairs to give your flies bi-colored wings. It's pretty sweet. The pink mink I used as dubbing so far. The Salmon River steelys are going to love these flies. For the final curious purchase I made, I found out the Capras is rare Chinese goat hair. I am going to tie this last since it acts as a monkey fur substitute, which I have no clue as to where to start. -Always open for new ideas Tie on
  8. Yea, he told me about the website, www.AnglersDen.Net I checked the site out, they just set up their e-commerce store. -Tie On
  9. So I was just traveling back from a skiing trip and ran across this small fly fishing and materials company on the way home. They had all types of rare and unusual materials. I didn't leave there without purchasing something out of pure curiosity. I was wondering if anyone knew of patterns containing Capras, Axis Deer or Pink Dyed Mink? From what I gathered the store clerk told me the materials were out of the "safari" collection. Hope someone could suggest some patterns. Tie On!
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