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  1. Great job! Try CCG past hook bend to prevent fouling....that'll make them 110%
  2. Joe...I truly admire your passion for the product (if CCG is listening----Give this Kid a T-Shirt!!!). Here's the challenge....tie a deadhead with CCG flexi and then tie a Siliclone with silicone(to the recipe) and let me know which is more pliabe....I totally understand your loyalty to the product, I love the stuff myself(although I don't use the flexi), but when you make 6"-9" Siliclones with a 2"-2 1/2" head of rams wool or icelandic sheep tied hollow and coated I think you'll find that you are using ALOT of CCG. New technology is great, but there is something to be said about the classics.
  3. Sean, I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I think Photo-flo is history. (Haven't you heard about the digital revolution LOL?) Seriously, Photo-flo is just a wetting agent - a little dishwashing detergent in water will do the trick just as well. (It also works on photographic negatives if you're one of the three people on Mother Earth who still use film.) BTW - A friend of mine uses silicone instead of epoxy on Ultra-shrimp type patterns to get rid of the "plasticky" look and feel of the original - I'll bet that Tulip stuff might be worth a try instead of silicone. Just a thought. LOL!! Yup i'm one of the three....many camera shops around me have it, especially if yer by a college town. $5 for a bottle....lasts forever..Detergent works awesome too.
  4. Looks like a Siliclone to me. Try Bob Pops way...the silicone head makes it soft and squishy which does not interfere with hook up. Using CCG or other UV resins would make this fly too hard and lose the enticement of the fly! Silicone can be messy, but using photo-flo or mineral spirits will smooth that head right out and make clean up a cinch!
  5. I hit a local gander today and picked up 10 boxes of Mustad CK 74SSS 2/0 popper hooks...$1 a box!!! With 25 hooks to a box, i got alotta tying to do!!I plan to use them for Crease Flys. They are optimal size. Folks, check your big box stores...Mustad is discontinuing or repackaging these hooks so a bargain is to be had. I was gonna drive an hour to another gander mtn tomorrow, but I think 250 hooks will do me for a while. You know, i've never tied Creases on popper hooks....I think its a non-issue, but I value all of your opinions, so, what do you think, will they work? Sean
  6. NIIICE!!! I love em!! Especially the Blurple Toad!!!!
  7. Have you ever had a "not so good experience" at JStockard? Just wondering because I was calling in my first order to them today and I asked about an item (Whiting Flatwing saddle) I am in need of, and as with pretty much every other shop in the US, are sold out..not a problem. The issue I had was i asked if I could be put on a waitlist for an olive one. The woman told me "no, because we'd have to have a waiting list of a million teenage girls." I was willing to pay in advance, and had about $150 order ready to go. I just didn't think that was appropriate to say to a new or old customer! I am by no means judging the whole company by this experience, but for today, my order went elsewhere.
  8. Ahh....BobPop's ol' schoolie fly!! A classic....try 'em with 4 on one hook...they're fun! Great Job!
  9. Nice Gurglers! If I may, you don't need the eyes. Save them for another of your awesome creations...i'm guessing you used CCG flec? If so, the gurgler works so well untreated. Sometimes "sealing" them can screw with their awesomeness( I got that advice from Jack himself!) Other than that, Top notch!
  10. I would change the subtitle of your post from criticisms to compliments!! Great Job!!!!
  11. Just FYI. Bears Den is in Taunton, Massachusetts
  12. Dang Joe!!! There is no end to your creativity! Do you pull a box trailer with your truck when you go fishing, just to hold all your boxes of Flies! LOL!! Great job!
  13. Ha ha! i forgot about the shellac part. Been so long since I tied local flies. Brought back great memories of watching Mary Dette tie that fly. I would still stay away from hair removal cream....what if you get an itch on yer eyebrow, might get strange looks at work..LOL!
  14. I think this is one of those cases of not reinventing the wheel. The eraser has worked for countless tiers for countless years. When you get into bleach and hair removal creams, you run the risk of compromising the integrity of the quill which may jeopardize your finished fly when you need it most. Just my $0.02
  15. Did anyone else notice that the sock monkey looks extremely worried? LOL...stuffing does make great dubbing..lol!!
  16. This is a web pic. This fly was developed by a Japanese gentleman in Boston to fish for Big Stripers in Boston's Charles River. It is a 10" Herring fly (or Mackeral adaptation). Wig hair was made for this fly! Is castable on a 9 wt. Give the wig hair a try! It comes in every color imaginable. Here's the recipe: Thread: White or florescent white 6/0 (140 denier). Hook: Gamakatsu SL12S, size 6/0 to tie an 8-inch-long imitation or size 8/0 for a 10-inch-long fly. Wire for tandem hook: A doubled strand of 60-pound-test nylon-coated wire. Slip a 1/4-inch-long piece of 1/16-inch insidediameter vinyl junction tubing on the hook to stabilize the wire. Belly, mid-section, and back: Your favorite brand of long, soft synthetic hair. Select and blend colors to imitate your local bait fish. Add a few strands of fine flash material in appropriate colors. Use a black permanent marker to add realistic markings to the back of the fly, such as the bars on a mackerel. Head: 2-millimeter-thick, gray or white closed-cell foam colored with permanent markers to match the baitfish. Paint the head with nail polish; Super Frost Platinum creates an attractive, realistic effect. Seal the head with a single coat of epoxy. Eyes: Medium or large adhesive eyes.
  17. My apologies. I didn't realize it was an actual shop I thought it was a man cave made to look like a shop....boy am I embarrassed!
  18. Great Gurglers everyone!! ----Joe, I usually tie #2-1/0, but keep a couple 2/0 and 3/0 in my box.
  19. Capt. Mel, I saw some squirrels that color, of course I was fishing the warm water discharge at the Nuclear Power Plant...LOL!! Nice dye job!
  20. only thing missing is a cash register and 4 or 5 looky-loo's...LOL!! Great room!!
  21. little stiffer and crinkly, super waterproof.
  22. ThreeJ's I'd have to look, but I believe I have about a dozen large adirondack snowshoe feet in the freezer. Shoot me a PM, and if I can find them i'll send them to ya. The Usual is the go to fly in my area. Since i no longer fish F/W, I have no need. I shot them myself. Cheers, Sean
  23. Friends, Ok....Spring is only a month away, and soon the Stripers will arrive. I know in my box the Gurgler holds a place of reverence as a true bass slayer. So....lets see your Gurglers...I will have pictures up as soon as I find the cable for my digital camera( although I suspect my Border Collie has a paw in its disappearance). Sean
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