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  1. Now if somebody could get a recording of the lion with the annoying screech in the bugs bunny cartoons. The one that bugs would ask how many lumps and hit him with a hammer.



    Lol, Pete Puma...

  2. Anyone have a suggestion for a fly type that would closely imitate a Senko? We've been cleaning up on Presque Isle bay with Senkos. I'm looking to take the fly rod with me the next time I head out, but I'm looking for something I can drop down in 3'-5' of water, and slowly jig along. We've been using 4" baits. Any ideas?


    Thanks in advance.



  3. That is in fact a cell phone. I still feel bad leaving the wife at home with the little one, so I like to be accessible. Sunday I missed a fish answering the phone, so Tuesday the ear piece came out. Although on Tuesday, I was expecting a call from my buddy who was also on the bay so we could meet up.



  4. 3' to 5' early in the morning, then up to as deep as 9' by the afternoon. They're all over the sand flats pairing up though. They're everywhere.


    Last trip up I also saw a Muskie that had to be over 50 inches, it's girth was about the size of the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket. It was chasing 15 inch bass.

  5. Here ya go. These were caught on Senkos in the bay. Landed 20 on Sunday and 30 on Tuesday. Smallest fish was around 15, biggest were around 19.5. Picked up one over 5 lbs. A few in the mid to high 4 pound range. Two great days!


    IPB Image


    IPB Image


    IPB Image


    IPB Image


    IPB Image

  6. Been a while since I've posted and just wanted to drop a line and see how everyone was doing. Things at my place are finally settling in. Our little one is almost a year old and it's been quite the adventure to date and I can see it's only going to get better :D


    I got some pics for you too Will, some nice Presque Isle Bay smallies. Not on the fly rod though. I haven't braved casting out of a boat yet... :blink:

  7. Lol, the creeks were low and clear. It was like fishing in a bathtub. I hooked into 3 in a few hours. All three snapped me off. I was using a Seaguar Grand Max 4x tippet and I guess I must've got a dry rotted spool. That really killed the fun of my day.


    Fish one of the moring looked about 30-32 inches and I'd probably guess 10 lbs or so. He crushed a Theo's Beaded Bomber, then proceded to crush my leader....


    Still good to get out though.

  8. OK, so I was reading up on the dropper flies and how to attach them, which is easy enough. I'm headed up to the tribs in Erie tomorrow to get in a little early season steel action. Now I know I'm looking at some low and clear conditions, unless it rains tonight, which it may (crosses fingers). Now if I do end up with low and clear, does anyone have a recomendation for a dropper fly?


    Supposedly the majority of the fish caught now are on minnows and single eggs, so I was going to rock the white bugger with a yellowish glo bug. Anyone else have any bright ideas?


    Thanks in advance.



  9. When I was in Cancun, I went to the Cancun Aquarium and you could feed the sharks in the shark tank. I put on a wet suit and went down into the aquarium's tank in a plexiglass shark cage.


    Two of the sharks in the tank we're an 8 and a 10 ft Bull. They were freaking massive, beautiful fish. Unfortunatley when we fed the sharks, the ones that ate were a couple of 7 foot Brown sharks. Still cool to watch them swim up on it and engulf it, but I wanted to watch the Bulls eat.


    Needless to say, that was an unforgettable afternoon, somehow I even talked my wife into entering the cage with me, she won't be heading in any time soon.



    One thing I'll never forget... when the bulls were circling the cage, they kept their eyes locked right on you, I felt if I stuck anything out of the cage, it wasn't coming back in. bugeyes.gif

  10. TB, most of the steelies that run in the tribs in PA are stocked anyway. They pull them out of Trout Run and Godfrey run and take the roe and milt, then "manufacture" them in the hatchery.


    And trust me, some of the fish I've seen in the runways in those creeks are ridiculous! The breeding stock is pretty good. Although I think their size has more to do with forage in the lake than anything. There's supposedly been a huge shad boom in the lake and I'll be damned if the steelhead this season weren't bigger than usual.



  11. This past season it was size 14 sucker spawn in a peach-ish roe color for me. Caught more on that pattern than all others.


    Last season it was Estaz eggs in orange and chartruese.


    I've dabbled in using stone flies and buggers, but haven't had much luck on them. I've picked up a few here and there on them, but the egg patterns have produced above and beyond for me.



  12. yeah will, I've spelled it wrong every time so far. I remember picking the google suggestion as well.


    I poked around and found a couple different sites and some of them weren't too bad. I'll have to really take a look, haven't had the time to put forth a lot of effort in to finding out some in depth info.


    Thanks guys, I appreciate the help biggrin.gif

  13. Any chance anyone would have any info on this lake or at least know of a web site where I can get some? Planning on taking a stab at some Muskie up there this spring. I've heard it mentioned a few times as a "great" muskie lake, but can find very little information on the lake, besides cottage rental places.


    I'm not really keen on driving to NY for a bad trip.



    thanks in advance



  14. Great site Orvis, those are some beautiful fish you have on there. Pardon my ignorance, but what type of fish are the last few pictures. I'm not sure I know what those are. They look like some type of chub or sucker, just curious!


    Those are also some fantastic looking flies you have on there. All good looking tyes.





  15. Nowadays, with the caller id craze and answering machines, I hardly ever answer the phone unless I know who it is, or I am expecting somone to call, who's number I do not know.


    Back in the day however, that was a different story, my friends and I used to have a blast with telemarketers all the time. We'd answer the phone and let them give their speil about whatever it was they were selling, we'd then reply with something like, "I like cheese." Usually dumbfounded by a statement such as that, they'd either ask us to repeat that or ask to speak to someone else.


    At this point, just say something else simple, and enjoy the frustration. I'm not sure how these companies work now, but back in the early 90's, most of these places were not allowed to hang up on potential customers unless the were being abusive.


    A friend of mine used to make strange noises with his mouth open, almost a throaty, raspy belch sound that you could drag out as long as you could exhale. That was always a good time as well.


    Hmm, think I might answer the phone tonight....



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