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  1. A little ice never killed anyone... I'll bring a sledge hammer and we can do a little work before we start fishing... Actually on a good note, some of the creeks up there are mud bottom and freeze up a little later than the slate ones. Last trip up, Elk ant Walnut were sporting ice while we had absolutely none where we were.
  2. Just wanted to post a couple pics from that day, these two are the same fish, but the two I caught from this hole were basically the same size fish, coulda been twin sisters...
  3. When it comes to chasing Steelies, I never fall asleep man...
  4. You can pretty much count me in for at least one day of the trip. I'm not sure what my schedule looks like just yet, but I should be able to manage one day at least. As for the weather, unless it's a blizzard of biblical proportions, I'll be heading up. Although as we found out yesterday in Erie, they obviously don't believe in rock salt!
  5. Hey gang, just wanted to let everyone know that it's damn cold in Erie... I was up there yesterday and the fish are there, but so is the ice on the eyelets and the ice on the leader and tippet. I spent more time chiselling my line free of ice, than I did fishing early on. I did manage to pick up 3, well 2.5 really, one was only about a 17in jack, the other two were in the 5-6 pound range, so the trip wasn't a total bust. Right now the creeks are in awesome shape, perfect depth, perfect color, perect flow, just not to perfect water temp. I'm not sure what it was exactly, but the steelies I caught yesterday were hardly acrobatic or fiesty, they had a little fight in them, but not a whole lot. If anyone is planning on hitting the tribs in the next month or so, don't bother heading out before 10 or so, unless it warms up dramatically. Everyone we talked to yesterday had the same response, nothing before 9:30, no real catch rate until after 11. That being said, I'm sure I'll see some of you guys next month, I'm not sure about the forum trip just yet, need to see what's shakin with the Mrs. that weekend. SK
  6. First fish ever, I'm sure a bluegill on a worm or something along those lines. First fish on a fly, a 12-13ish rainbow on a blood dot. First fish on a fly I tied, a steelhead on an orange estaz egg.
  7. As far as I know, you can take almost anything on a plane that will be stored beneath the cabin. It's the carryon that is not allowed to have all the clippers and what-not. As long as your rods and stuff are packed in your suitcase, you'll be fine. As for the 50 lbs, it was like that in September of 02 when I flew to Mexico, so I'm not sure when if ever it was 70. I'm not an authority on that stuff though, only been on a plane twice in my life!
  8. No sir, I will not be. I will be up there on Wednesday this week. I try not to be around up there on the weekend if I don't have to be!
  9. This what you're looking for? Fish Commission Store
  10. I'll most likely be up there on Wednesday, still looking for someone to make the trip with!
  11. Sad thing is, there are so many fish in some of the holes, that in addition to the 11 I hooked, I must've snagged another 10. There's so many in some of the holes, it's almost impossible not to foul one or two.
  12. I wouldn't get too excited. The creeks are low and clear yet again. I was up there on Tuesday and hooked into 11 in about 3 hours. Nothing that great just yet. The fish are there however, they're just a little spooky at the moment. It rained up there today and is supposed to continue throughout the weekend. Should be good by next Tuesday or Wednesday. Once I get the film developed in this camera, I'll post some out there, haven't had a good enough trip to use up the camera yet! My sunrise 10 lbr is on there in the lake. Only fish I caught that day, but she's the reason I'll be up there every week!
  13. My only weakness would be Tyra Banks in waders...
  14. sucker spawn, sucker spawn, sucker spawn, and umm... sucker spawn.
  15. Not sure who'd be catching who if you're out in the 'yak.
  16. Here's to a speedy recovery Will! On a good note, just think of all the time you can spend sitting at the vise! See you this fall bro!
  17. I wanted to see Calgary win it, just to throw a bone to all the championship starved Canadian teams, but Tampa is acceptible, after all, they did beat the Flyers. That makes them pretty darn OK in my book. Avs in '05!!!!
  18. Nah DFix, if it's Steeldrifter we're talking about, it's more like N-Sync, the Backstreet Boys, and New Kids on the Block...
  19. Thanks for the suggestions. That Latex wiggler looks perfect, I'll have to try tying some each way and see which come out better. Or should I say, which ones I screw up less...
  20. Can anyone suggest a decent Wax Worm pattern? I looked around on line for a little while and couldn't find anything. I'm thinking that it can't be that hard of a tie. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks! SK
  21. I've had many myself and it's hard to narrow it down to 1, so I'm not even going to try. First off, there was the trip early January with J.Johnson, SmallieHunter, Steeldritfer, BDH, and whoever else was there! That was my first true "fly fishing" trip and it was worth it! I had putzed around local creeks and picked up stockies on sucker spawn, but nothing with the fly rod compares to that weekend, big steelies and lots of 'em. Secondly, there was the trip to Olcott when I was around 12. I caught my first 30+ lb King that weekend and I'll never forget that, awesome fish! I did however spend a lot of time swimming that weekend, the combination of the current, my lack of wieght (which I've more than made up for) and salmon plowing into my boots was an ugly combo. and lastly, just learning that there are Steelhead in Erie, contrary to what I thought before, after not talking to my dad for about 6 years, we got together and went up to Erie, he showed me some spots and the rest was history! SK
  22. Just thought you boys might want a report! Creeks were high and off color, water was a little warmer than it has been and there were fish EVERYWHERE! I even stepped on one, scared the hell out of me. The seemed more interested in spawning than eating though. and the smolt are all over the place. I landed about 30 fish today, sad thing was 25 of them were less than 7 inches... Most of the females look like they've dropped their eggs and will be heading back out soon. Still plenty of them in the creeks though. I won't be making it up this weekend. I'm not going to kill myself to get up there and beat up the smolts... So have fun guys!
  23. Well, I'm apparently taking a trip to somewhere along the jersey shore in April, last weekend of April, I do believe. I plan on chucking some jerk baits and spoons from shore, but I'm curious about some flies to fire out there. I have a 9ft 9W Diamondback, that I use for steelies and an Okuma Integrity 8/9 weight, if that big enough for fishing in the surf and around the jetties down there? I would assume most of what I get won't be monsterous. Also any suggestions on flies would be great, I'm kind of a newbie to tying, so be gentle... Thanks in advace.
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