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  1. Them there trout are glue sniffers! I swear it. Well, either that or my flies don't really look like anything they eat...
  2. I took a half day of work to watch Pitt whip on Va Tech, and they kept showing the Xavier score.. that my friends is awesome... F' St Joes!
  3. How many days a year do you fish? Usually around 150 or so I'd say. I have the luxury of going at lunch in the summer though and a wife who grows tired of me quickly. Do you keep every fish you catch? Not really. My mother likes to eat trout and steelies, so I keep a good bit of those. Other than that, it all goes back. What do you fish for? Anything that swims. Whats your favorite fish to eat? Kinda partial to smoked salmon, but probably swordfish and yellowfin steaks What is the best way to release any fish? Keep 'em in the water and pop that fly out.
  4. Thanks Mike! Finally someone with a bigger nugget than mine! 7 5/8. Although BDH has a gourd of Kickball porportions.
  5. I had some modest success last year with black and white Clousers. They pretty much hit anything that moves!
  6. As long as it's not March 29th - April 3rd, I'll be there. I'll be 3/4 of the way across the country that week.
  7. Yes, I have a similar bag and it's ok. It's a lot more convientient for wading. I like it much better than the old box. My bag has two little boxes on the front so you don't have to dig for the lures you use the most.
  8. Well, i managed 3 today. Crooked Creek was a little high, a lot murky, and very cold. Only had 4 hook ups out of about 200 drifts. All worth it though! I fished the Yough around Smithton yesterday Bryan, too many people for my liking though, wasn't there long. and I managed to pick up a fish in February! Keeping my goal of at least a fish a month alive and kicking. Thank God it was a leap year!!
  9. Thanks guys, got out today for a little and froze my arse off for nothing, the water in the Yough was a balmy 39. Trout were a little sluggish. Heading to Erie tomorrow, hopefully that'll make up for it! ...and I brought back my old avatar so no one reads Rednecks post and thinks I'm a sicko... and it's um...10:42 and no Kay in her b-day suit. Curses! Foiled again this year!
  10. Not just A-Rod... He's just gas on the fire.
  11. Freshman year of college, Andrea Kramer.
  12. No no, Steel... the rich get richer and the poor get Orlando Merced... And yeah, the Pens, Pirates Steelers... It's tough going at the moment. But I'm a life long Nordiques/Avs fan and Red Sox fan, so the Pens and Pirates are just kinda here, I root for them all but when my squads are in town! I do love the Steelers though, gotta have my football! ... anyone know where they can get a good cornerback, cheap? Anyone!?
  13. All you Yanks fans are killing me. Being from Pittsburgh, I see the real end, the small market, we're lucky to have a team, end of it. The Pirates blow, but we still go and have a good time. Steinbrenner and the Yanks are a circus. I hated the Marlins when they bought the series in 96, and I'll hate the Yankees for doing it year in and year out. Luckly the Yankees have miss-spent lately and haven't managed to win despite the HUGE payroll. I didn't watch a single out of the World Series last year, but I was happy to hear the Yankees couldn't seal the deal against the much, much cheaper Marlins. I will admit, the Red Sox, Yankees, and the Angels this year are turning baseball into the garbage that it is nowadays. At least my sport, hockey, is hopefully going to fix itself this off season. But it's slowly going the way of baseball...
  14. Still has the boat and now doesn't have the wife.... what's the problem?
  15. As if there wasn't enough to hate... Sheffield, Giambi, Rivera, Jeter, etc... My worst nightmares have come true... Why do they need A-Rod? Simple, because they can... As a diehard Red Sox fan, this pains me greatly, but it will be sweeter than anything when the Yanks go down hard in the playoffs to my bean town boys... Food for thought: The Yankees luxury tax, is high enough to be the 13th highest payroll in the league. mmmmmmmm, baseball....
  16. Simple goals this year... 30 lb + King on the fly rod! Most of all, to be able to get a little better at tying and using my own flies! oh, and at least one muskie, any way possible, even dynamite.... 28 and never caught one...
  17. Hey guys, I'm looking at a little trip to hit the Yough and Casselman rivers after the stocking on Feb 2nd. Does anyone have some suggestions for early season flies? I mostly have egg patterns and a couple buggers in my box. I wanted to tie up some new junk for the trip. I suppose since they're fresh out da hatchery, it won't matter much. Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks SK
  18. I completely forgot about Scrubs! Could be the funniest show ever! "...nice work Nancy Drew, now solve the mystery or the missing ID badge..."
  19. Yeah, as far as I know it doesn't matter, the dumbbell, should roll the lure to the right position. Just remember to tie it "upsidedown" so to speak. Make sure the dark part is on part of the hook with the gap. I've only used them twice and caught a few white bass on the first trip and a 7 1/4 steelie on the second trip. They're a good time. I plan on abusing the smallies and whipers on them this summer!
  20. they went alright... Gotta love 'em
  21. I don't watch much besides the NFL and NHL, but here goes: Around the Horn (Only show I watch EVERY day) Pardon the Interruption Trading Space... mmmm Paige.... Sports Center Mail Call (Ermy kills me!) I did dig Band Of Brothers when that was on.
  22. SmallieKiller

    Give credit...

    Well, I know he only started this post for one reason and I guess I'll humor him... J. Johnson is responsible for my habit. I bought a fly rod almost 3 years ago and used it about twice. I had no confidence in it and would have rather ran a soft plastic in a river or spinners in a stream. I hooked up with Kevin through another sight and we started fishing together here and there, exchanging a few spots and he eventually turned me on to fly fishing. I just started tying a little and a the trip to Erie was my first time on the fly for Steelies. So needless to say. I'm hooked SK
  23. I refrained from adding Breakfast at Tiffany's... I feel now that I can add it... Thanks Russ!
  24. I never actually saw you without a hat on, but I'd say yeah, you do kinda have a big head.
  25. Where to start, where to start... Better of Dead <--- Complete classic! Slapshot Caddyshack Sands of Iwo Jima A River Runs Through It Meet the Parents LoTR Trilogy Star Wars all of 'em. The Holy Grail Rat Race The Replacement Killers Ronin Heat Jaws (only the first one... Sea World? c'mon) ...the list goes on and on... and believe it or not. I'm not a big movie person!
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