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  1. bit of magnet on a wooden ice lolly stick.
  2. It will be too brittle, and also turn into a lumpy mess as soon as it gets wet if left trailing
  3. Thread midges. Hook. Thread of various colours. and a wire rib
  4. Thank you Adam! Yeah it's killer for anything that wants another little fish for a snack
  5. Size 14 soft hackle emerging mayfly
  6. Spiders spiders everywhere and not a drop to, drink? Not sure where I was going with that
  7. Been tying some nymphs for tomorrow. A little rough but it'll fish
  8. I got caught with a bead head cats whisker a while back in heavy winds. I messed up the cast, that and the wind snapping it back, felt like I got shot with a bb gun.
  9. Excuse the picture. I misplaced my main camera. My first after a big break
  10. Thanks for the SBS! I can see that doing really well with some big Tench here, too
  11. Yeah. Just the way that works better for me lol
  12. Been playing a lot of finger/hybrid picked stuff the past couple of months, that's roughed things up good and proper lol
  13. I can. I've got very, very calloused fingers from playing guitar so sometimes thread gets snagged. I prefer to use my whip finisher.
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