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  1. bit of magnet on a wooden ice lolly stick.
  2. It will be too brittle, and also turn into a lumpy mess as soon as it gets wet if left trailing
  3. Thread midges. Hook. Thread of various colours. and a wire rib
  4. Thank you Adam! Yeah it's killer for anything that wants another little fish for a snack
  5. Size 14 soft hackle emerging mayfly
  6. Spiders spiders everywhere and not a drop to, drink? Not sure where I was going with that
  7. Been tying some nymphs for tomorrow. A little rough but it'll fish
  8. I got caught with a bead head cats whisker a while back in heavy winds. I messed up the cast, that and the wind snapping it back, felt like I got shot with a bb gun.
  9. Excuse the picture. I misplaced my main camera. My first after a big break
  10. Thanks for the SBS! I can see that doing really well with some big Tench here, too
  11. Yeah. Just the way that works better for me lol
  12. Been playing a lot of finger/hybrid picked stuff the past couple of months, that's roughed things up good and proper lol
  13. I can. I've got very, very calloused fingers from playing guitar so sometimes thread gets snagged. I prefer to use my whip finisher.
  14. I do that even when I know what I want to tie. My memory is not the best sometimes...
  15. I don't know how it is in America, but here in the UK, we've got a few good one's, but a lot of it is related to what we call "coarse" fishing. There's been a few good fly series though. I also miss watching the Australian Rex Hunt fishing shows
  16. Wavey1988


    As far as outdoor stuff goes, photography, that's about it other than fishing.
  17. Getting ready for a trip out tomorrow.
  18. Decided to have a try at parachute dry flies. First proper attempt
  19. Wavey1988

    Fishy comics

    Does Aquaman count as fishy comics?
  20. I strip off a load from the feather. Then before tying it in, wet it. Makes it much easier to work with. It compresses down and it stops all the fluffy crap from floating around when trimming it
  21. Thanks add! I can get a couple flies off one feather, usually. But it was a bit of a revelation for me. I tended to shy away from tying dries because of the hackle lol
  22. Some simple little dry flies on size 17 TMC103bl hooks. Splashed out on my first Metz cape, and the difference in use, compared to the hackle I had been using is massive (Sorry about the dodgy photo quality)
  23. Right time of the year and that would slay the rainbows, I reckon
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