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  1. My wife looses her ring all the time <_<


    First one she lost, second she thinks was stolen :rolleyes: , and just recently (last week) she found the newest one at her uncles after accusing me of hiding it and trying to teaching her a lesson :rolleyes:

    I will do that if i see it off her finger again though :lol:

  2. I like to sit down with a rum, lots of ice and a little pepsi for colour. I don't like much colour mind you. And I find that lasts me for my session at the bench.


    That's the way i do it. Pour a bit of 10 Cane rum on the rocks, splash a bit of pepsi on it and it's good to go :headbang:


    My other go to is wiskey, Johnny Walker black the same way B)


    I find a few of those :whistle: is quite relaxing B) :thumbsup:

  3. Just wanted to give Matt (Day5) some props for his store. :yahoo:



    Fast shipping, great products and good people! :headbang:



    However, If you are like a kid in candy store when it comes to getting new things in the mail, and to save yourself the pain....Please let ALL metal object's that have been sitting in sub freezing temperatures to warm up for a few hours before handling them :ph34r: :whistle:




    Thanks again Matt,




  4. I've as well been using Mustad, but for over 22 years....and have them older than that. In that time i've maybe had up to a dozen deformed hooks but never any failures.


    However besides Mustad, the only other hook i like is Gamakatsu, because i've never really had a problem with them either.

  5. I use one and have a hard time using one without now. I think it does allow you to concentrate on the fly more, and it gathers light for you, putting it behind the fly. Try propping a piece of paper behind your next fly and you'll see what i mean. B)

  6. A buddy of mine was thinking the same thing when he had his Cannon (even going from a XTI to a 30D? I think those were the models).....That it was too light and felt 'flimsy' was the word he used.


    Now he has a few Nikon's...a D80 and a D2x which after seeing some pics he's done i'm looking at the D80 with a 135mm lens for myself. :headbang:

  7. Your best bet would be to search through the data here for fly submissions and postings of and about tube flies. Also, and an option is to search the net and to try www.tubeflies.com for patterns and other info pertaining to them. Other info can be obtained from various books, namely Tube Flies: A Tying, Fishing & Historical Guide by Mark Mandell & Les Johnson which is a good read.


    Other than that and with vises, HMH will probably be the best and most cost effective way getting into tying tubes. I personally only have the starter tool, which will soon be replaced by a HMH premium tube vise because after tying on an actual "tube vise" and not an adapter, to me it's just soo much better. HMH also makes a Spinner Tube Vise at just over $100 bucks which looks pretty good.


    And as Blueman says, start on some easier patterns because it will become easier with just a bit of time. However, and when you get into the different metal tubes, the heavier tubes will sustain just about as much damage as if you were to use a regular fly.

  8. Is there a way that you can tie the biots that cause the cord to wiggle???


    Yeah, just the cord itself actually moves in the current like a thrashing stone tail would. By tying the biots on the end will cause it to wiggle, but since yesterday (Yeah i tied a few like this too :whistle: ) i've tried it in the tub and it doesn't lift as much as the ones i did, however it does give it one hell of an erratic action. Great thinkin Steve! :headbang:

  9. You rock :headbang:


    Between the two videos there is a sort of "personal" technique with the both of them. I'd gather as well.....it's more or less how you learn the foundation of doing it, then the rest is based upon your own abilities and experience.


    That just opened another new door for me :yahoo:


    Thanks Joe :headbang:


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