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  1. I believe Best Buy has probably the best 'electronics store' customer service around. I used to deal with Circuit City, until got jacked around from them, talked to the asst. manager, and lastly e mailed their district mgr. and still got nowhere! So i went to Best Buy, bought everything i needed and then some (they even gave me a free warranty on the camcorder i bought because they over heard my wife talking to me about the bad expierence we've had ). I then copied the receipts and sent it along with a few others from friends then sent a thank you card to the district mgr. at Circuit City (along with the receipts) for taking care of me.
  2. AlG

    cutting wire

    I use diagonal cutters.......a bit old but still work like the day i got them.
  3. AlG

    10,000th post

    I've recieved a thousand love PM's just in past few months I guess that mean i'm special
  4. Man, did you ever hit the nail on the head with that one! :thumbsup:
  5. That't funny. I know a guy at work that is a struggeling fluffer. He says the work is to hard. Randy Does he have trouble getting up for work??? :dunno: :hyst:
  6. AlG

    10,000th post

    This is more like what your avitar should be :hyst:
  7. I've used clamps, but both of my DK Cuda's are pedestal and i like it better that way. But really it's to each his or her own because unless you try them both, you never know what will work the best for you and your style.
  8. I figured that out the hard way about 6 months ago. :ripped: It did take me about a few days of blaming Dr. Slick until i actually realized it was my fault and how to fix it.
  9. 116.18 cups of coffee. 328.68 cans of pepsi :headbang: Although, i drink at least 1400+ cups of coffee a year....probably way more :help: :hyst: :headbang:
  10. AlG

    Nice Try Dustin

    Lifetime supply of dubbing there! :bugeyes: :headbang: :hyst:
  11. AlG

    Nice Try Dustin

    "Now thats funny, I don't care who you are..."
  12. AlG

    Nice Try Dustin

    Do i detect a hint of jealously :dunno: :hyst:
  13. AlG

    Nice Try Dustin

    I don't think i could ever move to the U.P. ......Way too many suggestive things :eek: Besides, i don't think we want to know how bad yoopers get their red necks :whistle: :hyst:
  14. I do mine in a bag with Borax and that's it. :dunno:
  15. Thanks....I appreciate that! :thumbsup: :headbang:
  16. What if you have 2 kids :headbang: I'll enter my oldest Victoria because she'd be interested for sure. Thank you!
  17. If it were i believe they would cut the weld anyway? :dunno:
  18. Looks like someone misjudged and caught that poor kid with a grappling....And it looks like because of the bandage placement that theres another hole! :bugeyes: Never knew they went by sizes like that though, i always thought it was size (in inches), # of talons, and lb. rating.
  19. AlG

    Flymart has moved

    Wow The very last i've heard was that indeed John was looking for investors to uphold the good name FlyMart has established. It's obvious part has happened with the online store. So many stories about why he moved i've heard though. Although from a few i have heard they booted him because of condo's going up or something like that. But yes, the building still stands where he once had a business in RO and i don't think very highly :poop: about the people that booted him! I do however hope he was well compensated with the ability to retire! :cheers:
  20. AlG

    Barbie Video Game

    That sure is crazy! Almost as bad as a guy paying four hundred and some odd bucks on a Xbox 360 empty box! :hyst: And btw, i do love my daughters but for that money i could have SD build my kids like a dozen fly rods :headbang:
  21. I used to sell guns for a living and first and foremost the thing to consider is to get a shotgun that "FITS YOU" by getting measured for LOP (length of pull) first. After that determination get something to fit accordingly OR get the stock cut/shimmed to your size. I've seen many people buy a shotgun thinking their kid will "grow into it" which is not the case at all because that compromises all comfort and a great experience when things don't fit right. I personally like and use 20ga and 28ga SxS for hunting.
  22. I just have the regular and jr. Barracuda's and can't say one bad thing yet. Although, i've since lost my C-clamp....... :whistle: I can say however, that you do need a strong and sturdy surface when you use the clamp over the pedestal. Damn particleboard furniture :nono:
  23. Definately goose.....My daughters just found me some by a pond about the same size and one flight wing twice the size :headbang:
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