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    Pike Leaders

    The backing is there for capacity for the purpose of the fish running. I was fishing for bass last year and hooked into a a pretty large pike that ran the hell out of me, and almost stripped my reel clean (about 10 yards out of 110 yards of backing were left) before he broke off. I couldn't power him enough , nor did he want to be caught....So after 25 minutes of fighting and trying (getting worried because i could see the arbor) i palmed a little too much, and there he went
  2. AlG

    Pike Leaders

    Why people suggest, and also why i use a 9'6 8wt (or a Med hvy spinning outfit but soon will be building a 10wt for them) is because pike are powerful runners and being the fastest swimming fresh water fish, it can take a bit of work to control them. Comparing to salmon and steelhead, they are a totally different animal with power, agility, and aggression being second to none in freshwater. A 7wt would be "ok", but casting upto 4/0 monsters can be quite the challenge........Just hope that you have a good reel with a few hundred yards on it because you will need it
  3. AlG

    Pike Leaders

    I use Sufrlon also (1 X 19 Micro Ultra) in 11lb. test.....This stuff really works and has a small diameter :headbang:
  4. Never before have i been jealous of someone else's box...... :whistle: Until now :bugeyes: :hyst:
  5. Glad to hear you made it out ok :yahoo: I'd send you some of my flies.......but i'd bet you've never seen such a sickly lookin bunch of one eyed, broken winged flies :hyst:
  6. Best wishes and a speedy recovery..........And just use fishing as a tax write off saying it aided in your recovery :whistle: :thumbsup:
  7. Thanks guys Gregg A, the baige spot behind the hurl is the pheasant tail, tail.....it kind of blended with the body in the pic (had to blow up the pic a bit to show detail, but it's on a 16 hook....i think)
  8. You must have a very good cat because mine on any given day will knock over or take off with with what ever i don't have bolted to the table . Just today she took off with my grouse skin (full) and hid it behind my book case :gun_bandana: :whistle:
  9. This is my first of this style at this size and i don't think i'll be doing another anytime soon....gave me a damn headache But as always....criticism is welcome
  10. I'm new to it also and couldn't agree more with the Fly Tiers Benchside Refrence and another good book is Fly Tying Made Clear And Simple by Skip Morris. But the first books i've had were the Orvis books like you, and just looked at pics and read over and over again till i had some idea. Watch Al Betty's videos too here on the site, because that will surely get ya going and on the right path :headbang: They helped me out a lot!
  11. I guess my views make me just as much of a piece of crap, because if the cops didn't get him, i'd sure as hell try. My views are that molestors and rapists are always going to be predators, and the debt to society for the minimal amount of time they serve does NOT make them better (psychologically and sociologically proven).. ..Because if it did, why do they have a PSOR that all offenders have to be on? Not trying to be funny at all either but unless you have kids already, you really don't know what you would do to protect them, or prevent it from ever happening again. We all have certain beliefs, and could think about what we would do if it ever happened. But unless faced with almost loosing a child or having such a horrible thing happen, you still really just don't know what you would do......As i when i almost lost my daughter when a school bus driver (knowingly) dropped her off at the wrong stop. Peace, AlG
  12. Over the top counterclockwise :help: Damn lefty :ripped: :hyst:
  13. AlG

    New Slogans

    :hyst: :hyst: I like 'em all
  14. I'm with you on that! I always say that there is nothing worse than a jealous father, and with my girls, that be me :gunsmilie: . I'm sure a good supressor, roof top, and an AR spitting tungsten would do just fine :devil:
  15. Thanks Brewer :thumbsup:
  16. It lands hook down and the hook is a 3665A which is what it calls for
  17. Well, i really don't know how it will land yet because i just started The hackles aren't trimmed....the camera for some reason makes it look that way . I got the pattern out of an Orvis book which had a bucktail wing instead. It's a wing down version and the hook suggestion was between a #4 and #12, so i went with a 6
  18. I call it the Black Coachman because of the wings As usual....your criticism is welcome :thumbsup: .
  19. Wow :bugeyes: that is pretty sweet :headbang: . But on the flip side.....My cats would have a field day with all those open spaces
  20. AlG

    My first fly

    Thanks for the tip Irish :thumbsup:
  21. Does malt liquor count? :hyst:
  22. I just thought i'd let y'all know that Dr. Slick really takes care of their customers if ever a problem arises :headbang: . I was having a problem with one of my new bobbins and shot them an e-mail regarding the ceramic insert. I just recieved a reply that they are sorry, and will be sending me a new one free of charge in the mail today. I know i really don't have that much expierence in different tying tools, but with customer service like this, i am sure happy with what i do have .
  23. Just got done with it I'm trying to stick with one pattern......but way too many ideas keep popping up in my head :wallbash: :help: :whistle:
  24. Thanks Blueman.....I could actually still do that because my 1am cutting in half was actually only about a quarter off (i have really poor judgment when i'm tired i guess) .
  25. Thanks for the tip Steelie :thumbsup: . After taking a good hard look at it i had decided to chop the tail in half, which does look better.
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