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  1. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by mihostanev: Little orange scud
  2. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by mihostanev: CDC Mayfly hook - Fasso dry BL #16 tail - 3 microfibets body - phaesaht tail fibre wing - CDC rib - 17/0 trico thread hackel - two turns brown genetic feather
  3. I have a Snowbee Waldron Vice - very reliable tool !
  4. The smallest bwo nymph in my box - i tie on hook 16 - 18 - 20
  5. Hi guys, Some big yelow stoneflies
  6. Hi flyboyutah, You tie a very nice fly :headbang: ------------- This is my attemp for hatching caddis pupa All the best, Michael
  7. Yes, legs are from warp hen feather and clip excess fibres.Wingcase, as the body and head are from silicone thin rib plus little varnish after colour the eyes. Regards, Michael
  8. Hi uncletube, This is some smallest BWO nymph.I tie on hook №16 with silicone thin rib.I fished with them through lead shots on my leader. All the best, Michael.
  9. Hello Kevin, This evening I tie and make a photos for you - as I promise. See in my pattern database All the best, Michael
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by mihostanev: Mayfly Nymph ------------- Thit is similar nymph with rib of pearl krystal flast fine band
  11. OK, I will take a step by step photo for recipe of this nymphs and share here.
  12. Hi Kevin, I don't understand you completly- this is not my fly . Some of my mayfly nymph are: For what nymph you just talk about. Good luck, Michael.
  13. Hi Graham, that is my last attempt for something realistic .... All the best, Michael
  14. Hi Bryce, This is my favorite caddis pupas for trout and chub attempt for more realistic and this is in Graham's design With kind regards, Michael
  15. Hi 'knoxy' , The small river flies are my favorite too.They work very well in good (worm) winter days and in spring on the bulgarian chalkstream Zlatna Panega.In late afternoon whenever night fall in hot summer days the small river flies work very well too. This is some of my favorite imitation of Baetis(BWO), some Hendricksons(Ephemerella subvaria) and little winter midges You may see most of my dry flies here And what about nymph ... little pheasant tail and similar I hope to be useful for you. All the best, Michael
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