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  1. Yikes what does he do in his spare time ...Police sketch artist in 3 dimensional deer hair?. It sure would make it easier to find the criminals.... ma O man those are beautiful.
  2. So whats red and has seven dents in it? Snow Whites Cherry.........
  3. B.D.H...thats waht I was just going to offer ....I have a sweet Super Redhawk 44 with an awesome scope . If you boys are scared to fish in Michigan I will come along with my sidearm and all you have to do is support either of my bad habits for the protection. Drinking habit or eating habit your choice. Oh and I won't shut up for the whole trip but I will guarantee you won't be having any Wolverine attacks....In fact I will protect from Yetis for a small fee.
  4. Now wait just a minizzle..I was jes startin to understand ya'll.Can ya feel what I am sayin? WORD Dog!
  5. I thought that because janet jackson's hooter came out and saw it's shadow we were going to have 6 more weeks of winter????
  6. I know for a fact that STEELDRIFTER is real lonely....he would be interested in something {hell anything} with a bushy tail but make sure if he buys the birds he knows their intended purpose.
  8. I would like to comment around here more but I am "VERY AFRAID" very very AFRAID!! I talk to much and am offensive but you people are way out there...LOL!!
  9. Hey Salmonator...we goota get Steeldrifter out in the woods to hunt man. He loves fiishing but if he discovers hunting in all its glory we have a partner to share the cosat on the joint hunting fishing trip out west! IN MY MOTORHOME.
  10. Stevo, All ya needed to make it looklike you and my sis is a semi sideswiping the smilies!!!!!!!!
  11. FishyNutz


    first off I want the Pats to win because {M GO BLUE} I love Brady and Ty Law rules....but since Brady has been to the dance Del Monte would be a Cinderela story of sorts....But heres my prediction. Patriots will win but it won't be close...If it is close I sense that carolina won't miss their chance because their D is for real.....You see if it is close they will know that they can win and will!!
  12. I am warnin you guys now....you know he ain'r right in the head but you don't know that he has "NO FEAR"..I have done my best over the years to try to keephim buidin things that go in the woods but he wants to play in the street ...I am scared ....He knows how to build a mean 4 X 4 but he just has to play on the blacktop I guess!!! ??????
  13. Hey slick....at least I knew you werent talkin bout my sister.....
  14. I am proud to say I have Granparents from New Brunswick and when Granmas sisters both passed away suddenly I was nominated to go to New Brunswick to close out their affairs. I went in a motorhome and sad to say that on the trip I drove one leg as far as I could and it got to foggy to proceed...I pulled over on the edge of the raod and crawled in the sack...When I woke up if I took onestep out the motorhome door I would have had a four foot drop into the Miramichi river ..I had never fly fished before but when I saw this bad boy river I knew I would be back. I had my business to tkae care of and when the motorhome I own now is fixed Toothless and I will be taking a trip back. I have also had a nice time fishing the St Marys for walleyes and have gone 17 miles up the Montreal River to where it splits into the Cow river . We camped out there for a week and we have to get back there too. Being French Canadian is something I am very proud of ...Gramps hunted Moose also and retired out of Packard Motor Car Company...COOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL AYYYYYYYYY!!!
  15. FishyNutz

    buying a gps

    Hey guys I worked at a place called Dick's Sporting goods..we only sold garmins and even tho that was the case I did all the homework and bought the Eagle top of the line at that time....What a mistake....I was so impressed with the detail and its basemap but with reality watch what happened. I had a hunting area that was displayed including what was a walking trail 4 years before that was now a two track.... It was on the base map and I couldn't wait to get up there and use this tool. I got there fired up the G.P.S and the bastige wouldn't aquire satelites worth a damn under anything that resembled trees. Not exactly a great hunting or fishing tool..unless you stay away from trees???? I have since enjoyed garmins and like all G.P.S's they don't always aquire under heavy foilage and all but by far after asking a lot of customers they are why I bought Garmin...I enjoy the ETREX top of the line but the screen is little small I am an eyeglass wearer....When walking in with all my gear fogging my lenses is aprobif I can't seeits small screen...The previous garmin I owned was a GPS 3Plus and they now have a GPS 5 in that series...By far it aquired better than my ETREX and thats because it has an external antenna...On the rivers tho the ETREX should be great, compact expandable if you buy the upper models and very durable. garmin also has the upper models loaded with every conceivable naviagation marker in North America not a bad deal if you hit any bigger water.
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