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  1. hello! Does any of you colors feathers and deer hair in diferent colour? which colour do you use? where do you buy it? what about colour for hair or colour for cloths and fabric? do you think that would be good for coloring feathers and deer hair? tanks for answer:-)
  2. MyFly

    UV Glue

    Thank you for answers:)
  3. MyFly

    UV Glue

    helllo! I am thinking about buying a new UV glue. Does any of you know what kind of glue is the best glue for realistic flies? which one do you use? I am thinking about this http://www.troutline.ro/deer-creek-uv-pro-kit.html and this one http://www.sportfish.co.uk/bug-bond-kit-uv-torch-and-original-20ml.html Does any of you have the experience of using any of this two glues? which one is better? where do you buy your UV glue? Greetings from smal country Slovenia..
  4. Hi! Does anyone know where to buy Japanese Nymph Legs.What do you use for realistic patterns of flies (legs). Does anybody have a link. Thanks for the answers.Have a good day.
  5. Hi! I got a question,where can I buy this silicon rods(for legs). Nice SBS! Thank you for answering! Rok
  6. Hi. I have been searching in internet about prismacolor marker and I want to know what you are thinking about: this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Prismacolor-Brush-Tip-Marker-Set-of-8-Colours-/261100502577?pt=AU_Art_Supplies&hash=item3ccacd7e31 and this: http://www.taimen.com/sl/si/product/prismacolor-art-marker_2563/90114 ? Which marker is better? which marker do you use (or maybe other firm)? where did you buy it? why is the price so different on e-bay and in fly- fishing shop? what is the quality of theese markers? is it the same or is it in fly- fishing shop better quality than on e-bay? Thanks and have a nice day :-)
  7. hi! very nice you did it. can you show this with step by step.Do you also for any other wings(realistic)sbs. Thanks for answers!
  8. thanks for the answers. perchjerker a got Maybe some picture of what you interpreted. possible step by step. or any other how to make realistic wings.
  9. please someone help me how do I such wings as shown below in the picture(realistic wings .Thanks http://www.reelwings.co.uk/shop/up-wings/item/upwings
  10. nindja .mene zanima kako doči do materjala kod kuče da sa njima napravim realistična krila,noge.Imas mozda step by step varjante. pozzz!
  11. Thank you for your answers. However, I am curious if anyone has any picture of material by using (more things like that to get them home) lp Thank you!
  12. I am interested in material that make covered insektov.which material use for making of wings. thank you you for answer.My English is not so good. LP
  13. Hi there! I am new to your forumu.In I wonder how I do at home to cover the various imitations of insects (from which materjala to do or where you are using materjal) flyers for the May flies and insects, nymphs. lp from Slovenia!
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