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  1. helllo!


    I am thinking about buying a new UV glue. Does any of you know what kind of glue is the best glue for realistic flies? which one do you use? I am thinking about this


    and this one



    Does any of you have the experience of using any of this two glues? which one is better? where do you buy your UV glue?


    Greetings from smal country Slovenia..




  2. Hi.

    I have been searching in internet about prismacolor marker and I want to know what you are thinking about:



    and this:

    http://www.taimen.com/sl/si/product/prismacolor-art-marker_2563/90114 ?


    Which marker is better? which marker do you use (or maybe other firm)? where did you buy it? why is the price so different on e-bay and in fly- fishing shop? what is the quality of theese markers? is it the same or is it in fly- fishing shop better quality than on e-bay?


    Thanks and have a nice day :-)

  3. There is still another technique for making your own, and getting the veining, all in a couple of simple operations. If you know someone who has a sheet of the old Traun River wings, make a Xerox copy to use as a "master". Transfer the images to a 'transparency' using your "master". Place the material you want to use for the wings on an ironing board and place the "master" on it, toner side down against the material. Now iron the image onto the material using an iron set on Medium Heat. This will transfer the toner to the winging material. If you are lucky, you may get two "ironings" out of the transparency before all of the toner has been transferred.


    Now, if I could just find an old plankton net that someone would be willing to donate to the cause! Don't ask me how they do it, but the thread crossing points in a plankton net are knotted, just like in a fishing net; even in a net of 50 micron mesh size (there are 25.4 thousand microns in an inch)!! This knotting prevents any cuts from 'running', making the material almost indestructible. Thus, the teeth of fish should never fray such wings.



    thanks for the answers.

    perchjerker a got

    Maybe some picture of what you interpreted. possible step by step.

    or any other how to make realistic wings.

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