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  1. It's a good question as to why the Merganser is not used more for it's feathers. Their meat, like the fish eating Loon is useless. In my neck of the woods they are a nuisance, and I am always inclined to break out a Salt Water Clouser when they cruise my trout runs (hoping to clunk one fatally on the head). They are an aggressive bird that tends to cruise waterways in gangs. Lovely tie !!! dg
  2. I believe it is "Your right to know" regarding the source and/or origin of the materials you buy. After that...make a choice. True "Temple Dog", according to several reliable references is only obtained by RIPPING THE FUR OFF THE DOG WHILE IT IS STILL ALIVE. The obvious over stimulation of the nerve cells causes the unique and unmistakable perpendicular set of the fur to the skin There will of course be some purveyors who are either ignorant or unscrupulous enough to deny this If you are knowingly purchasing true temple dog fur....I have NO PROBLEM letting you know I abhor the practice and have reduced respect for the buyer dg
  3. I have heard various explanations as to the source of "true" temple dog fur. If even a little doubt remains in my mind as to the origin of this fur, I refuse to purchase it and would encourage others to do so, as some of the references point to obvious animal cruelty. Perhaps this is much ado about nothing. Got some info ??? dg
  4. A great fly in all respects Micke !!! dg
  5. Bully Bully to the winners and all participants. And thank you Will for making it all possible !!! dg
  6. Micke: This fly is so perfect for that cloudy day with light rain and low light conditions. Excellent work !!! dg
  7. Golden Pheasant tail never looked so good Daryn. A great tie. I'll give this one a shot for sure! dg
  8. I would love to see this fly's profile on the swing and at the dangle. Looks like it wouldn't collapse too much Kevin. I got a hot spot in my heart for dressings like this. Can't decide whether it makes me want to hit the bench or the river. INSPIRING !!!!! dg
  9. ooh...I love this fly Daryn. Filled with little surprises, beautiful to look at and very fishy dg
  10. DaveG


    Hey Timo: Best group of Rats I've seen Timo. EXCEPTIONAL !!! I'd be afraid to fish them...but I would put them in my fly box and show them off to my fishing friends. I would warn them to not even look at them too hard dg
  11. Ricounet: In addition to the exceptional tying...you captured the aggressive nature of the female mantis perfectly. WONDERFUL !!! dg
  12. Hey Eric: You have the Fly Tying Forum's support in many ways. I served in Vietnam in 1970( Marines) and can share with you whenever you want. And it doesn't have to be about fly tying or fishing. Dave Gotzmer
  13. Oh yeh....that will do nicely. Made to fish and made to look at . Great rendition of one of my favorites. Mighty fine tying dg
  14. Hey Shaq: Have you tried Jack Cook ? www.irishangler.com dave
  15. Nice to see your work Stillwater. As Frank said...you've tied for a while eh? Lovely set of classic Dee wings. dg
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