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  1. Although I am EAGER to see all of these issues resolved as quickly as possible..I am at the same time giving Will the PATIENCE we all need to see it done right. This personal characteristic should come easily to all those who tie classics. Hang in there dg
  2. It's a good question as to why the Merganser is not used more for it's feathers. Their meat, like the fish eating Loon is useless. In my neck of the woods they are a nuisance, and I am always inclined to break out a Salt Water Clouser when they cruise my trout runs (hoping to clunk one fatally on the head). They are an aggressive bird that tends to cruise waterways in gangs. Lovely tie !!! dg
  3. I believe it is "Your right to know" regarding the source and/or origin of the materials you buy. After that...make a choice. True "Temple Dog", according to several reliable references is only obtained by RIPPING THE FUR OFF THE DOG WHILE IT IS STILL ALIVE. The obvious over stimulation of the nerve cells causes the unique and unmistakable perpendicular set of the fur to the skin There will of course be some purveyors who are either ignorant or unscrupulous enough to deny this If you are knowingly purchasing true temple dog fur....I have NO PROBLEM letting you know I abhor the practice and have reduced respect for the buyer dg
  4. I have heard various explanations as to the source of "true" temple dog fur. If even a little doubt remains in my mind as to the origin of this fur, I refuse to purchase it and would encourage others to do so, as some of the references point to obvious animal cruelty. Perhaps this is much ado about nothing. Got some info ??? dg
  5. QCF: Few things get my attention more than those tyers who adapt successfully to their material shortages. Some lengthy goose doesn't hurt eh? I am a bit concerned that when and if the time comes that you obtain turkey, and use the same techniques, your heads will be even larger than now. I suggest that you research various methods to reduce thread wraps so the extra cost of the turkey will translate to smaller heads and greater satisfaction on your part. These are both very fine flies !!!!!! You're just a short step that requires long practice from getting to the next level dg dg
  6. DC: Your creative, uncompromised, and challenging interpretation of the Bonne Bouche pattern leaves me bowled over and inspired to tie again. Congratulations my friend on an exceptional tie dg
  7. Hi Mike: Your choice to stick with the length and height of the tail topping shaped your wing decisions. This was an important fly for you to tie. Mostly excellent dg
  8. Favorite: Bonne Bouche or Childers Least: Most Traherne's and any Full feather GP tippet flies : All Rangers etc.etc. dg
  9. Hello Andy: And WELCOME !!!! We are different people that speak a common language. Lovely fly dg
  10. Well I just ordered several dyed turk tails in about 5-6 different colors. I am in sore need and to be honest, 2 years ago I would have steered clear of these tails. They will have what we commonly refer to as "stress marks" and may have 2-3 tails or tail parts per pkg. My understanding is that although yellow is the only color that is unavailable at this time...a new, fairly large delivery is forthcoming. Jack Cook at www.irish angler.......is forthright about all products he sells and I have always had good dealings with him in the past. He was one of my prime sources of materials until I found John McLain. dg
  11. Bravo Mikko, Bravo ! Just a wee bit more and she will grace any collection dg
  12. OEM: I HATE THE RAIDERS !! But I won't hold it against you or this very inspiring fly. Quite remarkable use of materials and a composition that thrills me dg
  13. Lee: I've plumb run out of superlatives my friend. Nuff said............ dg
  14. Hey Timo: That sure is stunning. Really classy tying and a lovely photgraph to highlight your colors. Wow !! dg
  15. Pter: This is good stuff and thanks for the groundwork! In my case, I started early in the search for the "Holy Grail". I experimented with many different hooks, proportions and wrongly assumed that there would be a definative end and one right choice. I found that I was able to please my eye using a mix of the distances, angles, and ratios you have provided; as evidenced by all of the lovely samples of other tyers you included. Perhaps by becoming proficient with several approaches, the tier will discover that there is no single correct answer and that one particular style becomes essential only when one considers the hook that they start with and the vision of the finished fly they have in their head. Apply the range of your measurements to this McIntyre offshoot (an eccentric dressing that appeals to me) and I wouldn't be surprised that it most likely meets that of those I prefer the least Thanks so much for including one of my flies, I'm very flattered and with some excellent company dg
  16. Hi John: I loosely agree with the basic premise of your post with the exception of your use of the word "dis-honors". Holding the greatest majority of tyers who post here in the most favorable light, I suggest that in most cases full and accurate acknowledgements were lacking as a result of - honest mistakes and oversights - lack of references - less than full interest of or engagement into the historical aspects of these flies I hope that although we tyers have different motivations, that a fission doesn't occur creating succinct and separate "all or nothing" schools of tyers( I know you are not suggesting this). Having stated this, I certainly understand and appreciate the research, work, pride and attention to historical detail that many Classic tyers strive to achieve. dg
  17. Excellent thus far Mikko. I like the lengthy tippet underwing with the bars aligning with the tail veiling. I suspect you won't get as wayward with the dressing as I did..also a good thing. Looking forward to the next step dg
  18. Hey gigandet: Your comment on your difficulties finding toppings that meet is well addressed by others. As a separate consideration...I noticed you dressed this fly on a hook with a long continuous bend, which will cause your wings to take on an even more exagerated angle (making topping selections that more difficult) Try using a few hooks that have some length of flat (straight) shank. Just a thought .... Other than that technicality (and the head)...your fly is filled with quality tying and beauty dg
  19. Don't know how this one got by me FTG. Wonderfully composed and executed. Love the blended dubbing amongst many other things dg
  20. That's one heck of a fly Rocky. Absolutely lovely. I love to use blue in my smallie dressings. Is that Glossy Starling you used as a cheek? dg
  21. Ooops..there go my dentures..on the floor again Remarkable tying John...an exquisite fly dg
  22. Yes KO...this is a splendid GH done with your unmistakble flair. I love your choice of background for the photo dg
  23. I really enjoyed tying this fly, even though things didn't work out perfectly in the end. Thank you all dg
  24. Thanks alot everyone> I can't describe how much I appreciate your support. It's time for me to get some sobriety under my belt before I return to my beloved bench. I've got some new Lucas hooks and fine materials waiting for me when it's time. Maybe a month? My Sponsor in AA will make that call for me Don't think for a second I won't be present....I'll still be posting and visiting "my second family" often.... dg
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