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  1. Marcus


    Graham ! That fly > awesome And nice big trouts ! / Marcus
  2. Man, thats really bad Paul ! I Hope you be better soon, And i hope you soon find a nice place there you can live, and continue your tying !!! Have it best Paul, and good luck !!!!! Regards, your Sweden friend.. Marcus
  3. Great Uffe ! I mostly like the wings and elkhair legs / Regards, Marcus
  4. Wow, a nice little thing ! Like it / Regards Sweden friend Marcus
  5. Ok, Thanks again buddy ! One learn oneself something here every day ! ;-) Have it best, regards Marcus
  6. Ok, Thanks again buddy ! One learn oneself something here every day ! ;-) Have it best, regards Marcus
  7. Wooooow !! :bugeyes: Damn buddy ! .. The body - It's unbelievable.. i love it ! :headbang: :bugeyes: Mike, keep up the good work ! / Regards, Marcus
  8. Hey, I need help to identifying this two mayflies, it looks like the Hexagenia Limbata ? But im not sure.. / Marcus
  9. Yes, I really have.. but thanks anyway. Taxon, do you now what this is for mayflies ? It looks like Hexagenia Limbata or did i have wrong? / Marcus
  10. Hey there! Have you pics of Ephemera Vulgata ? So can you post in this topic, it had be very kind of you. Im work with the project Ephemera Vulgata, and keeping on with tie a superrealistic adult Ephemera Vulgata. So i need your pics to imitate, Thanks ! / Kindest regards, Marcus
  11. Great pics Ulf ! Thanks a lot, this needs. Regards, Magge
  12. Yeah ! Me too, i lovely want to have this, it hade was very kind of you if you can send ? [email protected] / Regards, Marcus
  13. Yeah, it looks really great ! I like the thin body mostly Like fly tyer guy said, Keep up it ! Regards, Marcus
  14. Wow ! :bugeyes: Amazing work ! How you got the idè ? Looks great realistic too, :headbang: Regards, Marcus
  15. It looks really great, i like the first one best ! Keep up the good work! Regards, Marcus
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