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  1. Thanx again for hosting VC! I got a wonderful set from Green.
  2. The giftbox arrived today! Thanx for hosting this one!!!
  3. Whatever Sant's shipping well be fine with me!
  4. Of course I would like to get in this year! The flies will leave tomorrow, deliverry within two weeks maximum. Right in time! thanx for hosting!
  5. It came in today! Just a little problem with the customs, but I think they don't fish and everything is there! Thanx for hosting this swap again Tim!
  6. When I came back from my holliday the flies were there! Thanx again for hosting!
  7. My flies have left the building.... They should make it in time from Europe to the USA (I hope haha)
  8. My flies have left the building.... it should take less than two weeks to get them over to you Horseshoes.
  9. I tied the so called "Rossie Killer". Please pm me the adress so I can ship them from the Netherlands (Europe). They'll be in time
  10. I would kike to join as well! signing in for a hackle wrapped body.
  11. Sorry for the delay! I received some awsome flies! Thanx everyone for participating this one. Looking out for next time
  12. My flies went off yesterday. Just forgot the green paper for customs... hopefully they get to you without it...
  13. Long time ago since I signed in to a swap over here.............. Don't want to miss this one! Yes of course I'm in!!!!! Will ship the flies as soon as possible! Thanx for opening this swap again, it's always a pleasure to join!
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