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  1. Nice fly... is there any additional weight in it? It looks like it wants to float.
  2. Hi-Vis Fluorocarbon is now available in the UK from Esoteric Tackle The manufacturer is no longer making this variety of fluorocarbon and so supplies worldwide are limited. Esoteric Tackle currently have sizes 1.5 to 5. Only the size 4 has a relatively healthy stock the rest are low. Available in 10m and 20m lengths. I'm looking into other fluorocarbons including one with the same diameter as the hi-vis orange but mostly clear. It has bright 15cm pink and orange sections alternating up the line every 40cm. Would anyone be interested in that? Cust.
  3. I am working on importing the stuff. I can get 200m spools. How much do you want to pay? How many spools? What diameters (exactly the same diameters as Tenkarabum offers)? ...also Where in the world are you? I'm in the UK. Cust.
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