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  1. I AM OzarksAngler. I apologize for posting under my OLD (about 2001) account. I forgot I set the OzarksAngler one up. Thanks for reminding me.
  2. I also replace the chenille on a wooly bugger with the appropriate color of Edge-glo. That works great too. And I tie in thin strips to streamer tails the way most folks do flashabou, tinsel, crystal flash, etc. A black bunny leech with a piece of chartreuse Edge-glo tied in to the tail is a killer low-light/night fishing streamer.
  3. Sal, you will be happy to know that I don't use molded plastic legs. But I've never seen a scudback that wasn't synthetic. No, the material is not new or I would not have found it. It is used mostly by saltwater guys. But a few of them told me it works on freshwater fish too, and I thought I'd try it on trout. I'll be darned if it doesn't work really well! LOL Why does a bass hit a chartreuse mylar skirted spinner bait? It doesn't look like a damned thing that lives. Why do trout jump out of the water to take a Patriot before it hits the surface? It's red/white/blue for crying out loud. LOL Classic salmon flies aren't supposed to imitate an actual bug or baitfish. They are attractors. And they're older than almost anything tied today by the "purists." So one man's traditionalism is another man's narrow mindedness. It all depends on where you draw the line in history. But I'm fine with your feedback, Sal. I asked for it. And you are entitled (and encouraged by me) to express your opinions. I am not threatened by opposing or different views.
  4. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by silvermallard: Opti-scud
  5. Check this out and tell me what you think. http://ozarksflyanglers.blogspot.com/2008/...-opti-scud.html
  6. I store all of my rods and fly fishing gear in the garage. All the rods are in travel tubes. My garage is insulated...including the overhead door...and stay within a few degrees of the house all year. I've never had a problem with deterioration. One whole wall of the garage is mine for hunting/fishing gear.
  7. We're not making any $$$ off this shin-dig. In fact, it is costing us a little. I don't wanna step on any toes, but I want everyone to be invited. Here's the details... http://www.silvermallard.com/forum_viewforum.php?3
  8. You'd think a guy seeing his son's head sawed off while the perpetrators stand around watching and chanting "Allah is great" would drive home the point that we're dealing with religiously-motivated barbarians who cannot be reasoned with. I'm not of a mind to sit back and "listen" to such animals. Respect is a two-way street, and when someone has decided to kill you if at all possible...especially if they are willing to die in the process...the time for talk has passed. It is a strong statement of praise to our government's ability to shield Americans from this side of humanity that there are many who live here who seem unable to even grasp the simple reality that there are large numbers of people in this world who do not care what we say or do, but are intent on our destruction. I feel for Mr. Berg's loss, but his son went into a war zone chasing $$$ with naive notions of "helping" the needy Muslims. He paid for his misquided notions of how the world works with his life. It sounds to me like he paid for HIS FATHER'S misquided notions with his life.
  9. I usually confront violators as gently as possible first. If they give me a lot of grief or tell me to kiss off and keep doing it, then I have and will report them. I work from the assumption that they don't know they are breaking the law. The second I discover they DO know, I call the warden.
  10. silvermallard

    28 in brown

    Great fish...poor choice of tackle.
  11. WHICH 9 PM? EST, CST, MT, PST?
  12. Very nice tie! This is one of my top producers as well...especially in swift water in a beadhead variation.
  13. I've probably got them all beat, but I just don't have that much to say.
  14. Ahhh...foreign outsourcing rears its ugly head yet again! Obviously, their software upgrade was being done by some underpaid Turkish code writer.
  15. Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia for the monster Rainbows and Salmon in waters no "white man" has ever fished before.
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