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  1. Dave, just splendide !!!! :bugeyes: :bugeyes: :bugeyes: :bugeyes: All the best Bruno
  2. OuaouH, ouaouh ....OuaouHHHHH! Matt, it's FANTASTIC !!! All the best Bruno
  3. Hi Long, your fly is superbe, as always... All the best Bruno
  4. Mikko, the fly is Fantastic, superbely tied. I like the overal shape, and you was afraid about how the head could be finish, I think it's superbe, the proportions are really good. All the best Bruno
  5. Splendide, really beautiful, fly and hook !!! All the best Bruno
  6. Absolutely beautiful ... Great fly, as always from you Timo. Great picture too !!! All the best Bruno
  7. "There is NO RIGHT proportion. There is a right RANGE of proportion. This is also difined by the tyer and viewer..." I agre with what Ronn said. I will add that for me it's really important that each tyers have their influence on tying a same pattern ... it's why, a Black Dog (my prefered pattern ) could be tyed differently from 10 tyers, it's wonderful, isn't it ? It's why I like this hobby, it's why tying classics flies is so beautiful ... :yahoo: All the best Bruno
  8. Mikko, It's just beautiful, really beautiful !!! the wing is superbe and I like the way you tied the GP tippet underwing, just in jonction with the tail... Can't wait to see the finished fly. All the best Bruno
  9. Damian, you are the winner, it's ok ... Theses fours guys are fantastic, the only one I never meet in person is Davie, hope it would be next year at the bff.... All the best Bruno
  10. Dave, I m very sorry, sure you will find the best solution for you and your family, you are a great person. I wish you the best for this ... I send you a message. All the very best Bruno
  11. Bob, you have done a fantastic Black Dog'set, these are all beautiful ... it's my favorite pattern as the story and evolution of this fly is really interresting. Thanks for show us these ... All the best Bruno
  12. Dave, it's already a beauty, fantastic job, can't wait to see the finished fly, I m sure it would be superbe !!! I m always impressed by the body'quality !!!! All the best Bruno
  13. Happy new Year to you Ronn and to All of you on the forum ... All the best Bruno
  14. No, no ... those birds were migrating to Paris ... All the best Bruno
  15. Sorry Stevie, I was the first to post about this. Thanks for your answer , and I m sure that anyone would appreciate this beautiful magazine, me the first ... But today we have to be prudent on odering by internet, and my bank always told me that a secure website beguin by https:// and there is a padlock' icon. And i don't see them when I want to oder my copy !!!! and nothing explain me that is a secure site. All the best Bruno
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