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  1. Anyone know where I can get these in north america? Im trying to tie up a pot bellied pig.
  2. I like this fly. I'm going to make some up.
  3. Fez


    Another step by step is here and u dont have to be a member http://flyfishcalgary.proboards29.com/inde...read=1172463122
  4. Fez


    the camera is a pentax w10 6mp.
  5. Fez


    Here's a step by step i just did for a few fellows. http://flyfishalberta.com/boards/showthread.php?t=6624
  6. Fez


    Hook: Daiichi 1730 size 4 Tail: Stripped Quill Body: Side wrapped lead over which is nymph skin Dubbing: Goldstone synthetic dubbing Legs: Stripped quill Shell back: Web wing shaped with wing burner. Eyes are bead chain. Thread is 8/0 Tan. Antenna is stripped quill.
  7. Joe, You gotta take me salmon fishing man.
  8. This is in tribute to an old friend. Caught her once. She snapped me off 2 other times in 2 seperate years. She's pushin 30 inches now.
  9. Took about 3 hours. The body took a while to shape.
  10. Inspired by Graham. My little brown trout. I still have to JC up the head but i had to buzz off to hockey.
  11. Harold. I tied all the hair in facing toward the hook loop. Then pulled the top and bottom back and tied it off behind the head. Pulled fibers until it gave a nice round shape. Attached the eyes and Voila. Rotate vise until it hardens somewhat.
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