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  1. Thanks for the critique guys. I just need to slow down a bit. Since im so rusty n all.
  2. Anyone know where I can get these in north america? Im trying to tie up a pot bellied pig.
  3. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............... Well i figured what the hell I havent tied in months. First thing i noticed......didn't smooth any floss. Messed up the throat. Practice Practice.
  4. Well after a long hiatus im back. I've spent most of my summer streetbiking and dirtbiking but now im slowing down.
  5. You guys have all helped me a lot so I owe it all to you.
  6. Hey guys just thought i'd share. With this fly Its in the sept 1st issue of Fly Fusion Magazine www.flyfusionmag.com I know im not the best tyer but it sure is nice. Will frame it with the article too.
  7. I'll never move away from the mountains.
  8. I'll get some more this spring. The suckers will spawn in 1 month and i'll hit this spot up for big trophy bulls. I will catch them on these streamers too.
  9. Went out Sunday to a trophy lake. Didn't catch anything but I really impressed by how these look in the water.
  10. I gotta go with the grey ghost first.
  11. Some of my fishables gettin ready for the box. Another fishable
  12. I've been having a rough march and beginning of april. Maybe cuz this winter wont go away.
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