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  1. The west fly site is awesome although I disagree with some of the lengths of hatches.
  2. I keep hearing about this purple haze. I bought materials for it today.
  3. I am in the process of rebuilding my dry fly box. I live in north Idaho. What are some staples. I have tied caddis, stimulators, and Adams.
  4. So this last spring I was presented with a Chernobyly Ant and just told to fish it. The results were pretty good, I caught some of the biggest fish I have ever caught on dry flies with it, especially earlier in the year but I kept running into this problem. Of the casts that I would make, I would say 40-75% of the casts the ant itself would land upside down and would end up spooking fish that had just been active. The fly is a big fly that creates a lot of drag. Most of the time I find my tippet spinning, but I managed to curve that problem by fishing it with a 3X tippet (which late in the year spooks fish also). I am just wondering if anyone has a trick while tying the fly, or fishing the fly that prevents, or limits the amount of times the fly lands hook up?
  5. Does anyone have any thoughts on tying up an orange chernobyl to mimic an october caddis? Do you think that would be successful or does it need a wing?
  6. A halibut on a fly rod!!!! Holy cow, now that would be an epic fish to catch. I don't know how that would work though being that they are at the bottom of the ocean. I have caught a few halibut as a kid growing up in Alaska but nothing close to a standard fly rod set up that I am used to.
  7. I have seen that camera and it got mixed reviews. Kind of a love/hate relationship. How is the camera?
  8. Does anyone use a smart phone? I am curious to see if there are any waterproof cases or just waterproof phones out there on the market that I could pick up. Verizon carrier, and eligible for an upgrade in January.
  9. I find it interesting that a lot of people want to fish for grayling. I remember it was the first fish that I caught on a fly rod when I was a kid in Delta Junction, Alaska. I don't remember a ton about them as a fighter, but I do remember that they had a cool fin (I was 8 or 9 at the time). I am surprised no one has mentioned redfish and only a couple tarpons. That seems to be what all the fly fishing videos are geared towards them. Unless you are talking about trout shows of course. Also, no one mentioned brown trout, that surprises me also.
  10. I have recently been thinking about fish I would love to catch on a fly rod. So far in life I have caught cutthroats, brookies, rainbows, and greyling on a fly rod. What would you think are fish that I "have" to catch on a fly rod in my life time. I am thinking of putting some money away for some destination type fly fishing trips. Thoughts and maybe tell me why you think so.
  11. I love fly fishing for this very reason. Just when you start to think it is just about the fish, or matching the hatch, or finding the right water, it surprises you with a awesome life lesson about keeping nature clean and all doing our part. Very cool, it sounds like you are doing a great job as a parent.
  12. I was able to get a couple of pictures off this weekend. Some ok, and some not so ok... I enhanced these specifically with instagram.
  13. That camera looks sweet. My problem is justifying a camera purchase for the sole purpose of taking fish pictures. I have that same short arm problem. That is funny.
  14. Sounds spendy. What is that they say, if you don't ask about the price there is probably a reason.
  15. I have been fishing all summer and generally I am on my own on the river. I am a teacher so I don't always get the chance to fish with my friends in the working world during the summer months because they come up on weekends, and it is packed to the gills on the river with people floating, fishing, or just raising cain. If we do get together, they aren't the type of guys that come running camera in hand when they hear "fish on" they generally walk the other way. When I am by myself, I can't really seem to get a successful method for getting fish pics. All summer long I got two or three pics off, one (shown below) was a fiasco that ended with my phone falling on a rock, and the other one I have gotten this summer came because the fished was too gassed to take off after I tried to get a picture in my hand and dropped him on the rocks. I don't want to harm the fish, so how do you get good pictures without having someone take it of you.
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