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  1. Hello, noob here again. I am unable to browse by species, but everything else on the site is fully functional for me. Yes, it's all updated... am I doing anything wrong? Do the results take over 5 min to load? Thanks for being kind to a noob in advance. ;-)
  2. I'm not very good about photographing my flies, but will try to make habit of it moving forward. I hope you guys like some of what I'm playin around with...always seeking input.
  3. Howdy! I've been lurking around fly fishing sites four a couple decades and am hoping there may be a couple folks here I know. I wound up here researching chickens that I could harvest eggs AND some bugger hackle from. ;-) I started fly tying in '84 and hope to someday be good at it...a 5-minute surf around here had some hardcore ties. I fish for everything and release most species. I live on the edge of the Cherokee Nat'l Forrest, but fish from MX to MT to ME... and I hope to someday LAND a @#$%ing tarpon. Anyway, kewl site. Thanks to the admin for the painless registration process. ***the above ~was~ posted in The Lodge, which I realized without reprimand was the wrong place to post such jiborish so I moved it here as best I could. lol I wish there was a way to remove a post, but understand why that power should not be freely assigned. ;-)***
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