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  1. I like those Stonfo bobbin holder. The tension adjustment means I can continue tying without thinking of releasing additional thread by loosening my grip. I made a special bobbin for it from aluminium and spooled 1000 yards (yes takes a while...) of 55Denier GSP on it. Practically the only bobbin holder I now use from #22 midges to big streamers. True, spinning the bobbin is not as smooth as with others, but the added weight of my alu bobbin doesnt make it that bad. I prefer using dubbing loops anyhow.
  2. Hi, In my quest for a mate of mine for a nice compact traveling vise I stumbled accross a vintage Marryat International vise. Since their reels were really good, I figured this one would be too and bought it from a facebook site for used fly fishing gear. I must say Marryat didn't let me down! Solid and compact build and grips hooks from all sizes as it is supposed to do. Beaks are very stable. It is a lever type of vise, pictures will make it more clear how it operates. Wanting to know more about this vise, I searched the internet, but came up empty. I only found information on the old Marc Petitjean Marryat traveling vise, I assume this is the predessesor. Does anyone out here know more about them? Looking forward to your input! I attached some pictures for reference.
  3. Nice poppers. I hear good things about those hooks too. Supposed to be strong and sharp! yeah, those spearpoint are the sharpest hooks i ever had. not cheap, but 2 most important things are hook and line, everyting else is secondary, so no cheap hooks for me when chasing the big ones
  4. just some poppers for gt and dorado's, I hope to be lucky enough to be in Thailand in January body: 3/0 boiler maker hook:4/0 tmc 600sp hard-as-nails coat, maybe to be followed by some rod building coating
  5. hmmm im looking towards either the petitjean or de stonfo so far. i have the magic tool and together with dyneema thread for splicing it is a GREAT tool!
  6. haha sounds familiar, i have the same thing with fly reels ;-) (and rods for that matter)
  7. hi all, I've been using an old india bobbin for over 10 years, but now that im starting to tie more, im looking into a better bobbin, esspecially one with tension control. I've seen the one from stonfo and marc petitjean, but are they really better? looking forward in hearing from you what you think is the best bobbin for you regards huib
  8. ive been using the same cheap india steel bobbin for more than 10 years without issues, but would thread a new one if i would buy another one, just to see whether they are ok. looking into other bobbins with thread tension adjustment, but not yet sure which one to buy, so far i just bend my old bobbin to adjust
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