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  1. Nice tie would fish nicely in the Ozarks
  2. Very nicely done!!! I have wanted to try tying some of MOM's classics for years. These inspire me to finally give them a try. Once again very nice ! Tube
  3. Very Nicely Done !!! I am a big fan of Ray's work,especially his wets. Again,Very nice! Tube :shocking:
  4. Nice walleyed pike there!!! Tube
  5. uncletube

    It's a Boy!!!

    Congrat's !!!!!! :clapping: Let us know how you do with the 3 am feedings and the diaper thing !!! :baby: Believe me they are all worth it!!!!!! Tube
  6. 'Kay Boyz and Gurlz. Here I am in all my splender.
  7. The electronic tag sounds like a good Idea. Wont be able to settle on the car till Jan 16 unless it is found before then. 85 % of stolen cars are recovered within 15 days according to the stats. In that case Ill meet with the adjuster and go from there and then they will fix any damage. If not it will be a total loss, GMAC will get their cash and I would get any remainder if there is any. The b-----d screwed me out of 1 trip. I am not going to let this mess with my plans to meet up with conehead and duckdoty later this month. :headbang: Have rod. will travel Tube
  8. Very , Very nice!!! Do you wrap the hackle for the legs, then clip the excess?
  9. Get well soon Will !!!! Tube
  10. Some of you guys knew that my 04 vibe was jacked sunday night and that I and a friend of mine lost some of our tackle. My Auto insurance only covers the car itself. Not the contents and that to say the least that stinks. I lost my sims Neoprenes ,wadding shoes, gear bag and my 6wt sage. Head lost the whole shooting match as well. My friend d Dave ( Head) got ahold of his Insurnace guy and his homeowner's has him covered. And it looks like mine is going to do the same. :yahoo: Still don't make it right , and I am still madder than hell. Theifin' a mans long rod just aint right !!!!!! LOOK OUT HIGHER PREMIUMS HERE I COME !!!!! Tube
  11. I had anticipated posting a good report from the Little Niangua in Missouri this evening but , as you all know S---- happens. And I my case it REALLY happens. Three of us had planned on starting the new year off in fine fashion with a trip to south central Missouri and hooking up with a few nice Bows and Brownies . The thing is that sometime between 4 am and 8 am some a------e stole my car from in front of my friends at Lake Ozark. They not only got the car but my 6 wt sage and sims neoprene waders along with my friend David's 2 rods, reels, and waders. If I hadn't been working on my running tackle they would have gotten 2 more exspensive reels and my gear bag. I called my insurance man at home and found out that they would do everything they could about the car but as far as the gear is concerned, I am screwed. I feel Violated and helpless not to mention madder than hell. If anyone comes across a sage VPS 2 pc 6 wt please let me know as I want to replace the rod with what was taken. I hope if who ever got my waders that they spring a leak. :ripped: Tube
  12. Very nice ties. I am very interested in your BWO pattern. They should fish very well here in the Missouri Ozarks. Tube
  13. I tie and fish lots of midges. This one I will have to add to my patterns. Nice Tie! Tube
  14. I am guilty of not posting in the last year however that doesnt mean that I dont come to this site and browse it fairly often. So I take it that you would still purge me as a member of FTF . Bite me!! Tube
  15. Your work never ceases to amase me. Well done!
  16. Your best bet for lunker trout would be lake Taney como at Branson
  17. I have fished RR several times. It is basicsally a series of pools .it is not a very large stream but it does have some nice trout in it. There is wading in the C&R area and the in the river below the park. Flies I would recommend small soft hackles 14 to 18 . Hares ear nymphs, scuds in tan and olive tan size 16 to 20, Trout crack same sizes same colors. Black wooly buggers or olive with brown hackle. size 10 to 14. Dries, Adams ,Renegades, light cahills size 16 to 20 ,Celery Midge, rusty spinners size 18 . I agree Bennett springs is my favorite. Need more info PM me Tube
  18. Due to the fact that I am having hand surgery the first week of October this little trip has been cancelled. Sorry Daune. Yellowstondes, Montauk that time of year is not that crowded , as are the other trout parks in Missouri . There are of course more fishermen on the water on the weekend , But it is still possible to have a very productive day. Come on over I will be glad to show you ( of course after the hands heal) Tube
  19. Thanks Guys. The Dr says I will be off work 8 to 10 weeks . She is going to do the right one first then 2 weeks later the left. Hopefully I won't be off any longer as my bank account is about to take a hit . One thing about it though, being free from the constant pain will be a good thing and maybe I will get some of my grip back to boot. Grip is an important thing to us Ol' Curmudgeons. ( Don't ask) Tube
  20. OUCH! I ,too, wear prescription glasses but, after seeing that ,I am wondering if they are enough. I have stuck myself several times over the years and have been fortunate enough to avoid a couple of scary ones. Tube
  21. Found out today from the Orthopaedic that I have severe CTS in both hands and have got to have surgery, it is bad enough that I have no choice. either that or lose the use of my hands. I have put it off until the last of October, The doctor wasn't very pleased nor was I when I found out that I was going to miss the fall run of Kings in Michigan again this year, I am sure Steve will catch plenty!!!! So, if you dont hear much out of me in the near future it means that I am either trying to get in as much tying and fishing as possible or I have gone under the Knife. One good thing though , it finaly rained today and brought the temp back down a tad. later, Tube
  22. Sorry for your loss, My Deepest Sympathy Glen Miller AKA uncletube
  23. Had the same crap happen to me the weekend of the 4th at Taneycomo. Drove 4 hours to camp no tent sites avalible , Slept in the car to fish the next morning. Heard 2 guys coming up the trail from the parking lot agree with one another , "That the fishing stunk, 3 16 inchers between the 2 after fishing ALL night". I fished hard for 6 hours and couldn't buy a hit , I tried it all and so did the other 50 anglers in the Rebar Hole . The only good thing was I wasn't the only one that got skunked. Did I mention dropping the fly box and watching it go down stream like a sinking canoe???I did manage to grab it before it tailed up and sank like the titanic. still bad enough to have to try to dry them out while living in the Vibe. Then I had the Idea of leaving the smart fish for the Vacationers and went to Bennett . The fishing was Infinitely better and the crowd wasn't bad for a Holiday weekend and the 4 dollars a night for the tent was better than fighting the @#$*&@!!! Branson traffic any day. So You see my friends , Living a clean life does have its rewards !!! ( Yeah, Right, SSSSUUUURRRREEE!!!) Tube
  24. Nice fly and what a beautiful brown trout . I would love to fish that root wad !!!!! Tube
  25. Jeezuz I carry like 6 for just trout in the tackle bag . I usaully decide when I get on the water what boxes to put in the vest or chest pack. As for how many I own, simple answer "TOO DAMN MANY!!!"and " NOT ENOUGH!!!" Tube
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