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  1. QUESTION GLUE-CREW!! What do you guys recommend a guy get? I am new to the glue(resin) thing and really want to use this on heads, bodies,etc...but not sure which way to go. AND, I know I speak for others. Thanks a bunch! Anything between 350 and 450 its not an exact science they all seem to work okay
  2. Ray, I never knew Mark. I am sorry about the loss. Life is too short! Best regards from the High Desert.
  3. How about adding BROWN TROUT seperate from just "TROUT" when seeking specific flies. This would save a brown guy alot of time. Great work done by all here! Thanks!
  4. HANDS DOWN.....William Chinn Jr of Lake Oswego, OR,,,,the Atlantic Salmon Master.
  5. Hi Dewey! Did you get the artics a going?? I am getting ready RIGHT NOW for a true assault on Monster Browns in my area. I need some flies like this. Take care! Gary in Oregon
  6. TUNZ!! Yout setup rocks! Hit me with some fly pics also!! Gary in Oregon the BROWNCHASER!! [email protected]
  7. Sam! VERY NICE!! You and are similar in that we SO LOVE THOSE GREAT TIMES!! God bless and enjoy those memories!! Gary in Bend,Oregon
  8. Hi Bob from up Oregon way! GREAT Setup for sure. I am searching thru these different setups and really like yours. Best regards. The Brownchaser
  9. Guido! L'assolutamente BELLA serie su!! Love to see some flies. WHERE are you in Italia? Gary in Bend, Oregon USA
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