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  1. hey brent I like the gold &black bugger you posted I tied most of mine for steelie on size #14 /#12 even some #16
  2. hey guys great topic thinks for all web site info .so if I can get bugs or minows to perserve where would I get the stuff to do this thanks
  3. well this was fun for me and my wife we did it together I would write my answer then she would give her answer.it was like playing how want to be a mill. (get lucky) well of course i didn't when I got more right .well between us we got 27 isn't that the way it realy works. mine was 16 hers was 11
  4. Is the fly photo in data or could you post it or email me photo
  5. if no one taken huberds spot ill take it
  6. Happy birthday will Hope it is good end the one thig every man want on his BD hopefully works out since your married .But my last BDmy wife gave my a protend cridit card and told me she let me no when it was redeemable
  7. good point smallie but its also like every thing els in in greatest nation of the world we rolled over and let evil run are country the people dont stand up for any thig and we let evil do as it pleases. there was a respectful way to do business but ho that was befor I was born. but now evil runs the show and we do nothimg whats the most we mite do about it maybe write a letter when all of our grand fathers died on a battle field to free the people and what thay beleaved in and god so the QUESTION is when are we going to stand up for whats rite and what needs to be stoped , murdering with Aborting, gays being married , makeing drug use legel , and just removeing god from our schools the list goes on and on,. well it wont take my kids and family with out a fihgt .
  8. hey man great report its good to no theres more guys there I fished the first time there this past fall it is nice there I will be with the guys in april and any othere time I can. so hope to see you soon. good fish
  9. force feeder


    hey everyone its been ayall seens iv been on I have tryed to keep up on the post .I just havent been able to post myself due to I havent been able to keep awake long anuff my work has been crazy. thay started reoginizeing and have had me in the office 12 to 14 hr. a day so then i get home at 8 and my wife and kids need me for an hr. befor I go to bed. ok you get the pitcher por me well its comeing to a slow down and even if not im burning out and im going fishing next weekend. so ill be back in the grove. hey also im looking for adeal on a drift boat . ya does anyone no about larro drift boats 18' fyberglass if anyone has any leads on other boats perfer hyde low side but adeal is adeal ya id realy like to finde that deal ladykiller got ya im gona drop you LK a line just incase you didnt see this anyway happy fishing
  10. DANG I mist another one have fun guys
  11. OSD are you use that for trolling down rigers SD you no you wont be going fast unff on that 440 just go get a new 1000 besides hers yuor chace to drive and we always do at laest 80 going up north fishing so let me see 260lbs 275lbs on a440 man we might get 45
  12. I have the study guide and practice test it was easy to get and its an easy test if your not doing a charter just a drift guide I stoped my persuit of guideing when I found out about the prices and availibity of permits for each river so to guide for someone else is the only way and I dont work well for others.ya the permits are hard to comeby there are only so meny for each river and they cost and thay can take them anytime what is most comin is thay are sold to some then that person can resale toyou for twise the value like 5or 6,000 any way I was told I could buy my permit first any way I cuold find my pacage for the info. hay good luck
  13. hay OSD that allsuonds graet im hopeing me and steve ar going to build at the same time and have a cupel of times to hang out . so OSD can you sell me the same blank and parts. i want a difrent reel seat thoe and how meny peices is this blank thaks keith
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