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  1. dsaavedra, Is there a chartreuse disco yarn or did you color the stuff with a marker for the tiger/perch? and a medium one that is in a fire tiger scheme (my favorite)
  2. Up in the Adirondacks, Fran Betters created a fly using ONLY snowshoe hare feet - it's called the 'Usual'. pretty much the same wing you made, but add the guard hairs for a tail, and use the underfur from the foot as dubbing - a great emerger pattern... Yep, feel free to use it for posts, too
  3. :yahoo: Wonderfully effective fly! Also, really impressive to tie when demonstrating fly tying - "What the heck is that gonna be?" will be heard more than once...
  4. :yahoo: Fantastic poppers!!! Noogies all around! May they wear them out, and have to replace them! (a noble death for any fly) eKroth
  5. Yep! Got 'em today. The little Altoids box sure was stuffed. Thanks for hosting the swap! :yahoo:
  6. Got everything in the mail yesterday morning. I discovered a couple of things on Friday night... - Get organized. Get the hooks ready, pluck the feathers you need, match up quills (and tape them together) - it's all a big help. - AK Best may be right; you don't really know a pattern well until tying a bunch in a row (okay, he says 100 dozen). Hope you enjoy. Ekroth
  7. Whoops! :bugeyes: How'd it get to be Bastille Day??? Jeff - Send me the address. I'll tie up some Coachmen tonight... My flies will be in the mail in the morning Eric
  8. I hope this makes the deadline, but I'm in. Hare's Ear Flymphs - just borrowed Dave Hughes' book Wet Flies from the local library. Pretty good stuff...
  9. :yahoo: Love the fly!!! Pulling for the Oilers all the way. In the east, go Sabres! Too bad they should be in the blue and yellow jerseys...
  10. ditto on the "crown" vise. I recently got a "royal" vise via Hook and Hackle, and it's just fine for my tying needs.
  11. :yahoo: Got mine yesterday. Thanks Bryan for running the swap. My friends couldn't believe the midges - 'what fish do you catch on something that small?' was a common question... :bugeyes: Eric Kroth
  12. Don, I had a great time at the Rendezvous. I hope some of you were abld to attend. As a fairly new fly tier, I did learn and see an awful lot of information and techniques. I also saw 'Fishy' Fullum tie a Quill Gordon (no foam or epoxy ) Thanks to you and all for an enjoyable day, despite the weather - even the fish thought it was damp...
  13. I like the Hockey-themed flies. My wife is still in mourning that "her Leafs" are in golf season. Maybe I should work on the NY Islander Striper fly
  14. Hate to be a 'Me Too'er, but I'm all for "keep what you want, redistribute the rest" :dunno:
  15. Sent 'em off on Monday. I got them tied in time to go on vacation, and sent 'em off from Siesta Key in Sarasota, FL. Hope everything is fine with all of you. See you in a couple.
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