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  1. Just thought I would share this info with you all, a local engineering company in AU has changed from auto parts to producing quality fly reels that are being used all over the world. Here is a link to their FB page, their webstore goes live on 01 May 15. I own 1 of their reels and they are a fantastic piece of kit...........check them out. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Harfin-Fly-Reels-Australia/458354207574570?fref=photo
  2. New saltwater patterns I have been trying.
  3. Not too much from the bench down here in AU, but here are a few.
  4. This is an EP Fibre Shrimp pattern I found on the Australian Salt Water Fly Fishing Forum. Here is my first attempt at it and I was pretty happy with how it turned out.
  5. That is a fantastic bench, thanks for sharing. Gives me some ideas for my next project.
  6. I had been looking for a material storage solution, came up with a little cupboard set up where I can slide containers from the local hardware in and out. Plan is to build 3-4 of these.
  7. What a fantastic idea.....I am an Australian Veteran and here we have nothing at all remotely similar to this. Once you leave active service it seems the whole world forgets who and where you are. I will get a parcel off this week to the address above. Dave
  8. Mudhole is good, I have also used http://www.getbitoutdoors.com/ Dave
  9. Instead of clogging up the forum with new threads, I might just post all my first attempts in one location. So to kick it off I have just finished my first attempt at the Mylar Minnow, thoughts?
  10. Another contribution for the month, called 'The Scruffy Charlie'........here is my first attempt at this pattern.
  11. We have an impoundment not far from where I live that has a healthy population of Bass and Saratoga, so trying some small poppers for the bass. Here is a sample to date, just waiting on the Copic Markers and a Letraset Pro Marker Fly Tying color set.
  12. Well I have been busy and have been playing around with materials etc for the clousers. Found the bucktail I was using could be better and found a local shop that sells Wapsi products, they are just so much better than what I have been using. So here is a smaller size #1 clouser and a local favorite called a flathead bendback.
  13. No probs Kev, let me know if I had paid enough to your PAYPAL acct for postage, last thing I want is you out of pocket. Dave
  14. Thank you all, got my flies this morning, many good patterns in there. Dave
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